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When looking to join any Network Marketing/Online Business, there are 3 key factors that you must investigate. 1) The Company Management. 2) The Compensation Plan and 3) The Product. This article will take an in-depth look at the new One24 Business and apply these criteria.

The One24 Owner and Founder

Mark Seyforth is the Owner and Founder of One24. Mark, founded Seyforth Laboratories, the Company that  manufactured the products for Herbal Life back in the 80′s. Herbal Life is now a Billion Dollar Company. Mark Seyforth then went on to build a successful 100 Million Dollar Network Marketing Company while still a young man. Mark was also responsible for writing the first Multi-Level back-end Compensation Plan. Mark clearly knows what he’s doing, when it comes to Building and Maintaining top level Businesses. Simply do a Google Search for Mark Seyforth and you will be hard pressed to find negative word about the man. This fact alone speaks volumes about the Management of the One24 Company. Typically, when someone has been involved in Network Marketing and Online/Offline Businesses for over 30 years, they have stepped on toes somewhere along the line. That does not appear to be that case in this instance. So, with his past Business and Management experience, One24 has solid leadership, an important factor in the Online Business World.

The One24 Compensation Plan

The One24 Compensation Plan is 100% unique. Everybody gets paid, in this Straight-Line Compensation Plan, no matter whether they sell any product or refer a single person. One24 pays to 12 levels deep in Your Organization and a major part of your total commissions are derived from those who sign up after you.

One24 pays out 50% of the total sales for the Company, as opposed to the usual 24-40% redistributed by most Network Marketing companies. Put simply, what this means is that there is more money being shared among all the distributors.

One24 is also a totally Rejection-Free Network Marketing Opportunity. When you invite someone to look at the One24 Opportunity, at your site, no matter how much they like, both the Opportunity and the Product, They Simply Cannot Join. All they are able to do is to join your waiting list. NO REJECTION. Each participating One24 member can register only ONE new member each month. Every other person on your waiting list simply has to wait. Gone are the days of trying to get people to join your Business Opportunity. People are actually waiting to join your Business. Each One24 participating member benefits greatly from each new member who joins after them.

One24 also has another amazing facet. One24 has what is called the Gold Rush. The Gold Rush occurs on the 24th of each month. On that date, members who really want to make the big dollars can add additional people from their waiting list, by exchanging green (entry) tickets with less active members who have not used their green ticket that month.

Overall, One24, with this Compensation structure is finally a Business for the Average Joe. All each participating member has to do is invite 1 person each month to view a website/video which explains all there is to know about the One24 Opportunity. That person is then able to enter your Business and if you invite more, then they are placed on your waiting list, so you then know that the next month is covered and so on.

The One24 Product

The Flagship Product of One24 at this time is NatraBurst (Burst of Nature). NatraBurst is called a Super Foods Blend. Put simply, NatraBurst contains a wide variety of ingredients which when taken daily provide numerous health benefits. Each daily serving contains all the antioxidants of eating multiple servings of Fruits and Vegetables.

One24 lists the benefits of NatraBurst as, increased energy, reduced appetite, strengthened immunity, improved digestion, weight loss, promoting healthier skin, and supporting cardiovascular health. Health Professionals are always advising people to consume more fruits and vegetables. NatraBurst would be an easy way to get the goodness from fruit and vegetables with all the fuss.

In the case of One24 the 3 key factors requiring further investigation into a Business, have been well and truly met. The fact that there is a strong and dedicated management team in place, a one-of-a-kind compensation plan and a product needed by the masses makes this Opportunity, a clear winner.

However, at this time One24 is not available in Australia. But, there is Good News. One24 is coming to Australia at some point in 2012. This fact gives all Australians the enviable chance to prepare for this occasion. If you come to my website, there you will have the opportunity to Pre-Register and join a community of people all doing the same thing. Then, once One24 launches in Australia you are already positioned to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

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