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Basicozbizinfo Editors Weekly Blog 28/06/10

PARTYING AND SHOPPING is this weeks theme on Basicozbizinfo. Can you throw a party like an expert, then join Jodinarepartyneeds on Multiply, visit Catalogue 1(Webmasters) also this week Basicozbizinfo gained 2 new friends on Ning, a big hello to Brenda & Lisa Jane, Brenda is a gifted shopper and would love to pass on her shopping talents to you simply visit Catalogue 1(Wealth Creation). If you are not an expert at shopping or partying, Lisa Jane can give you the help to reach your goals through Quantum Coaching, check out Catalogue 2(WWW Marketing) also this week visit Catalogue 2(General Business), Catalogue 3(Just Me) and finally Catalogue 4(Biz Maniac). Click on the last links in the category, well thats all from me, till next week.

For more details check out the Basicozbizinfo website below!

Thanks again & have a great day!

Liam Jenkinson

Editor & Owner of Basicozbizinfo (admin)

yahooinstantmessenger: ljb4111


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