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Business Insurance Cover During the Pandemic with SELECTINSURE

The coronavirus has shredded the global economy, causing mass disruptions, industry-wide closures, and state lockdowns. But as the financial consequences mount so too has global scrutiny fixated on the insurance and broking industry.

Business is tough – as The Huffington Post states, 44 Australian small businesses close their doors every day. Everywhere there are threats to our business’ survival – hungry competitors, tech disruptions, and a continually changing economic and political landscape.

A situation like this, even more, emphasizes on covering the businesses for unforeseen risks. There are many types of business insurance that relate to certain industries, professions, and activities. For example, liability insurance insures you from damages or injuries to another person or property. A subset of this, professional indemnity insurance, is a must for anyone in the professional services industry. Marine insurance covers your business from the risks of transporting your goods. Motor insurance covers your vehicles from road risks.


Working through the pandemic has been a mammoth task – from implementing rapid, significant operational changes, such as working remotely and digitizing processes, to issuing financial relief and support to clients, SELECTINSURE has been at the frontline. It is a testament to our company’s versatility.

Despite how well-positioned the industry has been throughout the pandemic, the changes have presented new challenges. Managing internal workflow through digitized channels, monitoring performance, and ensuring employees have a suitable working environment was the paramount issue for the management.

We have fared spectacularly well in this regard with 95% of the taskforce working from home and providing uninterrupted services to our clients. Our claims handling department is on its toes helping the clients through the claims process at earliest. Our advisors and customer support executives are all working round the clock.

Providing Expert Advice

As we live in an ever-litigious society, business owners must reduce your exposure to potentially catastrophic litigation. When deciding which type of business insurance is right for your business, it’s vital to get expert help. The first step is to educate you on the types of business insurance available.

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Speak to an experienced insurance advisor at SELECTINSURE PTY LTD to ensure you have the right level of cover at the right price if something doesn’t go to plan. Importantly, you need to review your cover regularly to factor in your changing circumstances. Call our expert insurance broker today at 1800 883 007!

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