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I have been really busy completing exams as a NES Health Practitioner and passed with 96% now the next step is to find some funding so that I can practise and start my own Franchise that is the hard part.  If you get the time have a look at the website it is amazing the chronic pain we have cured and so many other health issues.  I just wish I could find an investor so I could start my own practise..

If you know anyone on this site that is interested in investing please let me know.  I have also detailed below why I became a NES Health Practitioner:


My Story:


Since 1996 I have been working as a Counsellor and Senior Case Manager in the Welfare Sector in Victoria & Queensland.  I mainly worked in the area of addictions and child protection.  My years as a Counsellor in substance abuse first brought to my attention how many young adults had been on prescription medication as a child and progressed to self medicating with substances such as marijuana speed, heroin, cocaine, crack, pethadene, the list goes on.


I moved into the field of Child Protection working with High Risk Adolescence ranging in age 8yrs to 18yrs suffering from mental and physical abuse, which are too horrific to mention.  Some in our care were also due to parents unable to manage them due to diagnosed mental health issues.


All of these young clients usually have the Department of Human Services as their Guardians under different orders or voluntary where their parents are still liable for their financial situation.  All of which come under a low socioeconomic situation.  The only choice these children and parents have is prescription medication under the Health Care Scheme as Alternative/Complimentary medication is not covered and therefore out of reach for low income earners that do not have private health.


I have case managed and counselled from both ends of the spectrum and I am appalled at how “Dosing The Kids To Shut Them Up” has become the norm!  This is also “Child Abuse” of the worst kind!  Prescription medication fools our brain into thinking the opposite of what we are experiencing and cause long term addiction. It is crucial that all services become increasingly aware of the growing concerns of prescription medication, which alters our brain chemistry, hormones or mentality.


ADHD:  medications such as Adderall and Ritalin. These drugs have potentially serious side-effects such as high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, and dependency.


ASPERGERS/AUTISM: Treated with Mood Stabilisers for the depression/ Amphetamines.


BIPOLAR/MANIC DEPRESSION:  Mood stabiliser (Lithium or Valproate) plus an Antipsychotic!


Low socioeconomic individuals are restricted to prescription medication for physical pain and treatment of mental health diagnosis due to Government Funding.  These treatments are mainly prescription medication.  When you take prescription drugs for mental issues (i.e. depression, anxiety, phobias, aggression) it actually creates a dependency on these drugs.  Once you stop taking the drug your brain will experience mental distress and become confused as it will no longer understand its purpose


In April 2009 I burnt out after working 110hrs per week and a case load of 22 children and 80 staff to manage.  I was placed on Workcover for “Work related stress”.  The medical team for Workcover wanted to prescribe anti depressants and sleeping tablets due to my insomnia.


As I had firsthand experience on the outcomes of both of these prescription drugs I refused them and requested to see a naturopath.  Workcover agreed to begin with and after 9 months and $1,700 dollars later they reneged, which put me in a financial mess as on Workcover your income diminishes to 60% applying more stress to an already stressful situation.


I spent months researching alternative health care and came across “The Zap House”.  I met a wonderful woman, Rose Hayman who is the Managing Director and in her earlier years was a Psychiatric Nurse and had also witnessed firsthand the results of prescription medication.  The outstanding results physically and mentally I have had under the care of Rose Hayman & Peta Zafir (The Zap House) no prescription medication could achieve.


Rose & Peta recognised the major challenges low socioeconomic individuals face when choosing between western and natural medicine.  To date there is very little funding available for individuals to access unless they are registered under the “ARTG” (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods).  This is due to prescription medication being revenue for the Government and can be accessed through Health Care Cards for low income earners, whereas alternative medicine is not.


Thank you so much for reading and I hope someone is out there for me to continue my passion of choices in health.


Vikki-Lee :-)

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