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Covid Information.

May save your life.

Vaccine takes 3 weeks to give you coverage. After 1st Jab 30% coverage. You can still get or carry virus. After 2nd Jab and after another 3 weeks up to 70% Coverage . You can still get and carry infection. You will need a booster shot as jab wares off in Months.

Option to Jab.

Take One 12mg of Ivermectin (sheep medicine) and you are virus free in 3 Days. Take one tablet 7 days later, then take one tablet a Month and you will never get covid. Jab sending us broke; Ivermectin a few cents a tablet. Now being used in Japan India and many other Countries. Why because it works. Very safe drug in the same category as Asprin and Penicillin and is approved for use in humans for many tropical and other diseases. Unlike the jab no severe side effects, injuries or death after many millions of doses used over many years..

Efficacy of Ivermectin in COVID-19
In a much larger follow-up observational controlled trial by the same group that included 1,195 health care workers, they found that over a 3 month period, there were no infections recorded among the 788 workers that took weekly ivermectin prophylaxis while 58% of the 407 controls had become ill with COVID-19. This study demonstrates that protection against transmission can be achieved among high-risk health care workers by taking 12mg once weekly .

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