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Hello everyone.

From time to time you stumble by accident over an offer that sounds to good to be true.

I will now present you with such an offer. 

A company named TheBillionCoin wants in on the crypto currency market and to attract many customers they offer a gift of 50,000 kringles for you to sign up and verify your e-mail address period.

Nothing else to do and nothing to pay. 

A honest gift. The value of the gift is just around 115 euros as we speaks and increases by the number of people who joins.

You might think as I did "Come on - who is giving away money like that and why?"

Do you remember when Skype got bought by Microsoft? 

Skype did build a huge database and a database have a value for businesses. (close to a billion usd.)

So they offer you money for signing up and verifying your e-mail address to build the database. 

(and later sell it along with a payment system - similar to bitcoin)

The Bilion Coin offers you to spread the word to friends and family to sign up also and receive a gift.

But we are running short of time. By the end of September the offer expires.

Take action and sign up now Click the link it will cost you nothing!

It might make you a millionaire - but no guarantee for that. 

Take care.


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