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DANGER----------- DANGER---------- DANGER

1. check your Shampoos baby wipes, bubble baths, tooth pastes. shower gels, facial cleaners Its all at your local supermarkets people.

2.Do you want your family to suffer from this dangerous chemical.

3.Would you wash your face in Engine Degreaser or Wash your kids in car wash detergents. Well folks these are hard facts as to why cancer and other life threating diseases are on the rise. The big money making companies do not want you to know this. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is very lethal. its in our shampoos, bubble baths, toothpaste, facial cleaners.

4. Johnson and Johnson are facing a massive class action lawsuit by the damage it has done to our children over the last 50 years. This is fact NEWS HEADLINES ALL OVER THE WORLD.

5. We have the alternate answers with a successful global company since 1987 making a difference in the health and financial wellbeing of people around the world.The pioneers in developing high performance safe essential products with proven formulas and world leaders in clean-label products and owned by a $2.3 billion private equity fund.

6.Join Me in making this world a safer place.

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to your health

John and Sabine Hellewell

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