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There are literally tens of thousands of home based business opportunities to sift through online so why should you choose EPX Body?

EPX Body offers the highest quality products at the industry's lowest prices. Why is that important to you? As an EPX Body Distributor you need to be able to meet the needs of others and one of those needs with a sinking economy is affordability.

With EPX Body you can get started by purchasing the product you choose for only $39.95. 

With your $39.95 product purchase the following are included:

FREE Websites
-Main EXP Body Site
-Video Overvier/Lead Capture Site
-People Helping People Site
-EPX Body Customer Site
-Sample Sites For All Products (coming this month)
-Complete Challenge System & Sites (Coming this month)

FREE Back Office
-Contact Manager (fully customizable) 
-Auto Responder (fully customizable & pre loaded)
-Website stat tracking
-Complete Training (including scripts, emails & more)
-Marketing System
-Email Center
-And More!

You will never pay a monthly fee or back office fee, the websites and everything you need are included Free.

Let's go over just a few of the things that make EPX Body as a business so appealing.

-$1000 a Month Income Guarantee
-Products that WORK
-Up to $10 per Pound Lost (a diet industry FIRST!)

-Available in over 200 countries
-50% Fast-Start Checks
-Guaranteed $40 Monthly Check with 4 Personals (that's a whopping 25% commission)
-$1000 a Month Prize Drawing selected from the GETEPX system's visitor list (beat that!)
-$10,000 Bi-Yearly Drawing For Those Who Tour & Upgrade Same Day!
-$93,100 in Rank Advance Bonuses! First at just 1000 volume!
-$100 a Week for the most compelling testimony
-25% Matching Checks on those you sponsor
-$6,250 in 90-day wealth challenge bonuses (on top of the rest!)
-50% Commission on Retail Sales Every Order!
-$1.4 million/month income potential when you max the comp plan!
-FREE Marketing System, Sizzle, 24/7 Presentation Online & More
-Products with the highest quality ingredients at industry-low prices
-Products $39.95 (compare at up to $70+)
-Money Back Guarantee
-FREE Healthy-Living Guide and EPXbody Challenge
-FREE Sample Sites/PIF Sites/Company Training & More

All this and SO Much More!!!


So you want to know about the $1000 a month income guarantee? 


Sponsor 5 people within your first 30 days and maintain at least 2 active for 6 months, and we guarantee that you will be earning at least $1000 per month or we will refund your money.

It is that simple! You will not find an easier way to make money from home or online than EPX Body. The company is amazing, the momentum is huge and the leadership is the best.

Get started with EPX Body and get all the help and support you need to be successful.

Whether you are new to network marketing or an industry veteran EPX Body is a dream company. Come see find out why so many people love EPX!

Business Overview Video:



I am here to help you every step of the way, whether you’re a customer enjoying the benefits of our products or one of my distributors enjoying our products AND making money.

Success is YOURS,

Tonia Hoff

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