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Extra Money for the Holidays Selling It Works Body Wraps

This is it! Christmas is upon us! Can you really make an extra $1,000 this month selling It Works body wraps to help make it a merry season? YES!

This is the entire secret to my success. I teach YOU to have a great first month. You teach OTHERS to have a great first month. Wash, rinse, repeat!

And what a time to have a great first month! Selling the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator is easy this time of year – everyone wants to look great in their holiday outfits – and easy next month, too, when New Year’s resolutions will be on the hearts and minds of everyone who reveled just a bit too much.

So why a great first month selling It Works body wraps? Why am I only focused on your first month?


Because that’s when all the excitement happens.

OF COURSE we have a long-term plan. I’ve been with It Works for a while now, and I’m still enjoying all the great products and omg the G.O.O.D. (Get Out Of Debt) bonus and Diamond PAYCHECK.

But that first month can be magical. When your friends hear what you’re doing, suddenly, people you couldn’t PAY to attend an in-home party for cosmetics or candles are suddenly beating down your door. You do this right; you could be applying It Works body wraps in a parking lot or random restroom!

We’ve got all the tools to give you that great first month, landing at least four loyal customers, a couple of distributors under you (the “early adopters” who recognize the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator for the fabulous, one-of-a-kind product and business opportunity that it is) and lots of opportunity to share the product.

That momentum carries you through, and when others see your success, they (the late adopters!) want a piece of it, too!

Read here to find out what your first month after you become an It Works....

Read here how to get started!

I’d love for you to have an extra $1,000 for Christmas this year! CONTACT ME for more information. Ready to sign up? Go HERE.

Merry, Christmas!


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