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I have found a company that offers money for the data on your receipts.

In Australia as well as everywhere else in the world...

But you need the full story before you chose if it is something for you.

The worldwide company Saivian offers you 20% cashback on your shopping up to the total of $250 per month.

They have a subscription fee of $125 per 28 days.

They ask you to download an app with which you can take a picture of your receipt as well as the credit card receipt as a proof that you have done the purchase. (otherwise you could just pick up receipts from the floor at the supermarket.) and only the last 4 digits is revealed on the credit card receipts. 

You send in the receipt through the app or through the website, and you also order a Saivian credit card where your money will be deposited into.

You can get cashback on mostly anything. Fuel for your car, groceries , cloth, airline tickets, hotels, building supply your special hobby, prescribed or non-prescribed medicine, and all restaurants throughout the world.

The subscription fee will be covered if you spread the word to 3 other people who need either an extra income or cash back on their monthly purchases. They call it 3 is better than free and can add to your monthly income. from 20$ and up per day.

You will not get spammed with 1000 of offers in fact you will only get a few e-mails a week when an activity have happened on your account.

The way Saivian earns money is by selling the information from your receipts to companies who needs to know how goods are moving in the different country and the price range. This way they will know if they can compete at the market or maybe even offer a whole new line of supermarkets.

Take a look at this video please

And click here to sign up

That's it folks.

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