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Hard Day Yesterday _ What is your story?

Friends life not always easy!


Hard Day Yesterday


Yesterday morning my brother came over and got a radio cassette player for his car. After he left and around 2pm I was in my office and could hear the four dogs next door barking and distressed. I thought at first their was a snake in the yard as our houses both back onto wetlands and have wire fences so snakes are often found around our houses at this time of the year.

The noise seem to come from the side or front of the house so I went outside and got on front fence, but as the neighbors have erected a new shed I could not see the dogs. Went to back fence and Sue (My wife) followed me. Still could see nothing so I called the dogs with authoritative voice. The thee bigger dogs cam to see me and were standing in the back yard. Then the little white dog;  tattered and bloodied came staggering out and collapsed near the back door. I loudly chastised the other tree dogs facing the newer dog first. He looked guilty. Then I told him to go into his kennel. Then chastised next dog; a called Carma which is a grey white Grey hound. I told her to go up the side to the kennel. Then their really big dog told him to do the same. Then I jumped the fence and blocked of the side way where they were with some iron grates. Then Sue called her son Ben and I  climbed the fence and had to chase the small dog, he was ripped open and bleeding from the side and neck and is only is a small dog. He looked half dead. Pore Ben (my stepson ) has a phobia about blood and faints at the sight of it. But bravely Ben had to stand on the fence and hold the dog while I got back over and took the dog form him. Ben was was visible ill and so was the dog.


I put the dog in and old wicker basket and Sue and I went inside to ring the vet. Ben called out as the dog got out of the basket so I and Sue went outside just in time to see the small terrified dog jump into the deep end of our swimming pool. Ben freaked out as did Sue and I. The pool was half full of stagnant water about 4 feet deep at  the end the dog jumped in.  He, the small dog, just turned up side down and sank drowning. I grabbed an old broom  and jumped in the pool and managed to find the dog and scoop it to the other end of the long pool. When I finally got the dog out; it was dead and covered with mud and slush.


Ben went to his bungalow as he was so distressed I told Sue to get a basket and towel while I turned the dog on its back and started working on it to try and revive it!. All the time thinking of our neighbors as; what would I tell them if the dog was dead. They were minding it for an older lady friend who was on holiday.   

 Finally after about 5 minutes I saw eye movement in the dog and got it back to life, put it in basket and rushed it to local vet. The vet worked on it and also got a microchip number but could not contact owner who was not back from overseas, she comes back today.

We could not contact neighbours Hewie or Debra but Hewie came home at 4.3o and saw a note on the door and blood everywhere outside so he said not to tell his wife and he headed to vet.
Later about 8pm he Hughie and his wife Debbie came to see us and said they took dog to Werribee Animal hospital (about 5 miles away) to have urgent surgery. No news yet on his condition; other than earlier the vet had told me, although his injuries were very serious they themselves were not life threatening.
So Sue Ben and I needed good sleep last night. I had to discard the jeans and shoes I was wearing and the stunk to high heaven.


Ben took some photo's just after I revived the dog as I asked him too go get his mobile phone and take them.

 . .

The photo's are too graphic to show here as some people could find these photo's distressing.


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