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Have You Noticed Frustrating Delays Lately?

In Astrology The Planet Mercury .. Rules Communication Travel Deliveries News Papers News Etc.
Three times a year this plane is Retrograde for approximately 3 Weeks.
Short astrological explanation relating to business is; This is a time of delays frustrations and muddled communications.  If your business is not on the right track this is the time
to restructure your procedures or end goals to synchronize your efforts to ensure success. This will ensure that you do well in the future, particularly if you get changes right now.
The trouble being in a period of delays confusion and frustration with communication, delays, and sometimes muddled messages,  It does seem to be a task
that not many business people would look forwards too.  If your in tune with your own feelings, sometimes you can just know mercury is retrograde by what is happening around you.
2012 Mercury Retrograde Dares  March 12 - April 4 July 14 -“ August 8 November 6 - November 26
Most readers will not get to read this until the current retrograde period is over, but you will be ready for the next time.
For more on Mercury retrograde see
How to Get Through Mercury Retrograde

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