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Honesty is the only policy, why? Considering that I could obtain a better standard of living a home a car and even a prosperous business. Just by falling the established norm.

Yes you may survived true your life by being more devious than anybody else, and established an empire, but can you guarantee that your children will be the same. Or you may be lucky that your first born may developed into an incredible human being, love and cherished you with all his or her heart.

He or she may not have the devious brutal and vicious initiatives to pursue your ideals, and may fall pray by the rest of the family or your business colleagues.

Or would you prefer never to have such a saintly child, but one like your self, an opportunist devious in character and waiting for you to die so they could inherit your kingdom.

Extremely cunning even better than you because he or she have been taught by the best, and appealing to you to appreciate them but waiting for the opportunity to be rid of you because they can run the show better, mixing wit all types of devious characters inventing initiatives on how to undermine the people.

What appears trivial?

Imagined a set of scales, your sacrifice in life on one end consisting of honesty is the only policy, the pros and cons of what it means.

1. You may not ever get rich, 2. You will not ever be powerful, (hold high profile jobs) 3. You will live amongst the poor, 4. Your family may not look up to you. 5. The only thing you possess is your abilities, ( what you have learned) they can't take that away from you but virtually everything else. 6. The written law. (If you can afford to obtain it, if you can make sense of it, considering it is written by the devil who wants you to see him in a better light, but he have put it in a language that he can wiggle his way true, considering that his buddies them selves fine it difficult to administrate and understand.)

The true substance of a country, is in its written laws, executed in a manner that is comprehensible to all and not to the chosen few, strictly abided by its administrators and fairly executed, sadly there is no country yet fulfilled this obligation to their people. When we read and hear about Justice and observed just and fair laws, huge compensation to their people, we are told in the U.K. that the States have gone mad with their compensation awards. It is all false, it may apply to the filthy rich but not to the ordinary man. There probably is as much injustice in rich countries as in poor ones.

Yes it's so hard to brand it trivial, it just goes to show you what decent and honest people sacrifice, (what is the man who gains the world and loses his soul) and he is the man who created the world that we have today.

Lets try to take a look at the other end of the scale that makes this end so trivial.

1. People dying for causes they are never likely to understand, 2. Losing your wife and children, 3. Losing everything you worked for, 4. You can never trust the people who represent you, 5. You can never expect justice if you are against the wrong opponent, 6. You cannot trust the people who created religion, 7. Seeing your parents destroyed and made humble, 8. Watching our children exploited and destroyed physically and mentally.
9. Watching the annihilation of wild life, 10. Watching greed destroy the planet,

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