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With so many great fan pages on Facebook today it’s hard not to like them them all!

Liking a page connects you to it and allows you to receive regular updates as well as messages and invites from that particular page. These will show on your wall and in your Facebook inbox. Liking a page also shows your friends that you like a page.

But what if you no longer want to get updates from a Facebook business page?

You have two options available. One is to Hide the page and the other one is to Unlike the page.

How to Hide a Facebook Fan Page

Move your mouse over the news feed you don’t want to see and on the right hand side you should click the X. When you click it, a drop down menu will appear and from there, you just have to click “Unlike Page.” From then onwards, you will no longer receive updates from that
particular Facebook page.

However, the name of the fan page will still be seen in your profile.

How to Unlike a Facebook Fan Page

If you don’t want to show certain Facebook pages in your profile, then the best thing to do is to Unlike them.

To do this, click Info on your profile and then find the page that you want to Unlike. Clicking it will bring you to that specific page and on the left hand column, you will see the Unlike link below the items Add to my Page’s Favorites and Subscribe via SMS.

Clicking Unlike will immediately remove the page from your profile.

The Unlike function has been made easier to use. Previously, users were finding it hard to unlike a page within Facebook itself or from other websites with a Facebook Like widget.

If you Like a page via a third party Facebook Like widget (say a Like us button on a website), the Like button turns grey when you click Like. To Unlike it, you click the button again so that it turns blue. This simple way of unliking a page is not widely known to many Facebook users.

Currently, Facebook only allows a user to like up to 500 pages. So if you already like 500 pages and you find several new pages that you really love, you can always Unlike the others in your list to add the new ones.

About the author:

Wendy Moore is the founder of and creator of the Savvy List Building Blog – the information packed resource that shows business owners and entrepreneurs how to get in front of an audience that wants to buy what they are selling. To receive your FREE Special Report and weekly how-to articles to expand your online List Building toolkit, visit

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