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Woody's Incredible Weight Loss Journey with EPX Daily/SeaVeg

In 2004, though, my weight was starting to cause me concern. I was starting to have circulation problems in my feet, causing an edema to form in my legs. I knew I was breaking down. Exercising was no longer an option.

In September of 2004 I started taking 6 to 9 capsules a day of Sea-Veg. After about 2 weeks, I started noticing changes in my body feelings of more emotional control, being full sooner at the dining table, more energy during the day, and I was craving more different kinds of food.

I even noticed a slight drop in my weight, which I wrote off to the stress relief I was feeling. At this time I still weighed over 385 pounds (I don’t know how high it went, but guessing I peaked at about 410).

Then came the really radical changes. On about the third or fourth week of taking Sea-Veg regularly, my body took over and started eliminating its water soluable poisons. I began craving water and other fluids constantly. The reaction was so dramatic that it did affect my well-being, but my weight loss had accelerated to an extreme. Starting with October, I lost over 20 pounds a month without exercising or dieting!

Apparently my body knew what to do and had been waiting for enough nutrition and balance to pull off the job. The incredible amount of toxins I was eliminating were visible in my urination, as well as my loss of body mass that was plainly visible by mid October 2004.

The weight loss has come from everywhere. My face, neck, arms, and legs are visually smaller. In late October 2004, my vision got worse as toxins were obviously removed from my eyes. Two weeks after that, my vision was better than September when I thought it was good! Now, in January 2006, I have vision like I was 20 years old! I am a sportscaster in Southern California and have to be able to see long distances.

Since the radical changes in 2004-2005, I have changed my attitude toward food. I haven’t stopped eating anything - I just crave sugars and spicy hot foods much less than I used to. When I do partake in known to me as bad foods, which I do for their taste, the portions are 1/10 of what I used to eat and my craving for water goes way up afterward. 

More amazingly, I now look for higher quality food in stores and restaurants, leaving a lot of the best value items alone if they are just lower grade. This is spoken from a former buffet blasting master!

My last weigh in was 220 pounds (three weeks ago), and I am looking forward to the next changes. My Lean Body Mass was measured in a health class I took at a local college here as 265 pounds, putting me at about 20% body fat at 41 years of age. I needed the normalization a lot more than I had realized. Sea-Veg is the reason for my radically improved health. 

I was healthy before, but I am receiving the body I was supposed to be working with all along. If cell regeneration takes 7 years, I am going to regenerate mine with Sea-Veg.  Sincerely, Woody Woodson

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