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Join Me In This New Australian Horse Racing Business

 Select Racing  by - Des Beer and Michael J Clayton

Join Us In This New Australian Business Venture.
What kind of business idea is yours ?
Providing Great Joy


What are you doing ?
Providing Information On All Aspects Of Australian Horse.


Whom are you doing it for ?
The horse racing Industry is the third biggest industry in Australia. Ten of thousand of people are employed or involved in businesses related to horse racing. Hundred of thousands of people follow or punt on horse racing. Horse racing has a big affect on tourism. The Melbourne Cup Meetings being one example.


Value Proposition
We are providing information to people in the industry as well as supporting small country towns who rely heavily on hose racing and associated industries. 
Revenue Model
The horse racing site will provide information on city and country cup meeting which many local business can benefit from via advertising. Main advertising portals are on the cup meeting and race track information pages.
Is it based on your skill set ?
Yes! After years of research and input by many knowledgeable people in this industry  we have designed a concept and web business which should benefit all in this industry.  The software can keep being updated and can be used by all who follow horse racing.
Is it within your capabilities and resources ?
I have the knowledge and marketing skills and contacts to make this a big success. What is needed is good partners with software development html mysql and database knowledge. Also someone with mobile apps skills to expand the reach to the mobile users space.
What would your MVP look like ?
Money is not the main requirement. Finding the right partners with skills and commitment is more important. We can also arrange mutually beneficial exchange of information with other industry webmasters and horse racing clubs and associations.
Is it Legal ?
How will you scale ?
Build paying customers online and via selling advertising. More income will be derived by promoting affiliate programs related to horse racing. Income will also come from sponsorships of horse racing and related events.


Have you talked to your first Paying Customer yet ?
We are in contact with many racing people through all pars of this industry including racing clubs, community friends and people who follow horse racing. Our site will become more popular as people get to know about it. We are sure to survive as overheads will be kept low..
How much time till you make your first dollar ? If it takes six+ months how will you survive ?
Three months.
How will you beat the competition ?
When you know this industry and have had over 10 years experience in web page online businesses. We intend to offer a share holding to prominent people i this industry or to companies where we can have a genuine benefit to both parties.

Share and Like if you support this idea. Help me develop and launch this business.


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Want To Be A Part Of Our Horse Racing Business.

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Comment by Michaelng Clayton on February 4, 2016 at 14:22

Be A Part Of Select Racing Please Contact Me 03 93607375 Any Time

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