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These days there are so many things that can pull you in so many directions. You get online and one click leads to another, then to another and then another. Until you have a window full of open windows and have forgotten where you started.

I try to keep my life as simple as possible. It is so much easier that way. Step 1, 2, 3. Instead of Step 1, offset by step 1a followed by 2b, then take a circle around back to 1c, then file 1b and proceed to 2a and overstep 2c if it is a full moon and the first of the month.  

Why do people feel it necessary to make things so much more difficult then they need to be? Does it make them seem somehow smarter then the rest of us? Or are they trying to put something over on us and think if they confuse us we won't notice.

I don't know I just know it makes me crazy.

So I prefer to keep it simple. I do what I can to follow a very basic simple path.  It is not difficult I just stay away from the hectic and the chaos as much as I can.

So far so good.  :-) or so I think...............

I generally go online to check emails or if I have something very specific to do (sort of like my shopping...I am not much of a browser more of a get what I need and get out type of girl).
But find myself waylaid  right now by social groups.  This is partly because of my web site and partly because of my kids.
Started my web site and kids tell me “mom you need to get on thisspace and advertise” so I get a profile on there and not much is happening for my web site but suddenly I have a farm that has to be tended to daily. Next thing I know all my family is on thatbook so “mom you have to get on there”. So am there still not much happening in the way of customers for my web site however I do know what 1950”s mom I am like and I have lots of smiles, hearts and game invites.  
Before I realize it there is a round of “sites” I have to visit every time I get online, to make sure I update my status, check my notifications, water the fields, accept the requests and twirp to the others.

So every now and then, like today, I clean out the stacks of stuff that have piled up around my room and dust off the shelves. I will do the same with my online “obligations” cleaning them up, paring them down and making it simple once again.

Clearing the clutter and keeping it simple.

Anybody interested in a slightly used farm? :-)

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