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Author Andrew Sherman says all you need to know about life, you learned in Drivers Ed.
Are you happy with your place in life? Not living the life you were intended can be more stressful than a faltering 401(k), says Andrew Sherman, author of Road Rules: Be the Truck. Not the Squirrel. Learn the 12 Essential Rules for Navigating the Road of Life .
“While it’s very frustrating when the market is down, it does not measure your effectiveness as a parent, spouse, friend or sibling,” Sherman says. “It’s just one gauge. We need to remind ourselves of that from time to time.
“If you don’t like your life, recast your story. We are a great country and we have great resources to change our lives if we want,” he says. “Write your own story.”
A lawyer and expert in strategic business growth, Sherman says that even if people aren’t entrepreneurs, they can apply the principles of entrepreneurship to their lives “and develop a vision of something larger.”
Here’s what he says you can do now:

Establish clarity of vision; know where you’re going.
Have the right cargo and passengers; surround yourself with the right resources and team.
Have a finely tuned engine; have good mental and physical health.
Make sure you have a full tank of gas; have energy, enthusiasm and passion.
Establish a plan of navigation; have a game plan for your life.
Define your destination; have goals and a source of purpose.
Have an unobstructed ability to use rearview mirrors; keep your past and experiences in your mind, but don’t let them define you.
Understand the needs of other drivers; share the road.

Walter Givens

PS: How do you like that trailer park......

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