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My latest fiction Kindle eBook "The Mature Recruitment Consultant"

Hi Everyone, I've recently released an exciting short story romance book. You can buy it online on Amazon Kindle -

JR Passion is out at a dance party at Knox City an outer suburb of Melbourne, its a huge dance floor many guys give up asking for women as they don't like rejection.

JR makes every post a winner and strikes up a conversation at get go. The lady he meets, Marly, just happens to be a recruitment consultant, not just any recruiter, shes very good at her job too.

JR not only does Marly have all the curves in the right places, she also has a sexy blonde girlfriend called Beth. As it turns out Beth is at first secretly interested in JR, but later on she comes forward with her interest in JR.

But what happens when you get an impending small business takeover and 2 women who want the same guy? The Mature Recruitment Consultant is a book for adult audiences it is approx 11,400+ words.

The Mature Recruitment Consultant: "Sleep with me and I'll get you any job you want" [Kindle Edition]
JR Passion (Author)

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