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My NY resolution is to help as many people as possible rediscover the art of saving.


In todays' consumerism society, many consider grabbing that discounted "bargain" as saving money, but did you really save, or did you get further into debt by making that purchase on credit? Credit card debt, if not kept in check, can quickly erode any perceived saving.


KaratBars offers a very simple way to save regularly, with your deposits held as pure 999.9 gold bullion!


But why save in gold? What can I do with my saved gold?


Saving with KaratBars is fee-free and inflation-proof. With the coming launch of the KaratPay moile app, you will be able to spend your gold digitally at a growing database of retail outlets that now accept KaratBars gold as payment. You can transfer between accounts, or convert back to cash. You can also request delivery of your physical gold at any time. KaratBar gold cards make awesome gifts that will be treasured forever :-)


I am already committed to saving 55 euro per month. Anyone who joins me and commits to 10 conseutive deposits (monthly or weekly) will be rewarded with one of our new global gold currency CashGold notes. These are a world first, with gold bullion embedded within the note, and contain several very sophisticated security features never seen before in any currency.



Reply if you want to join me, and make next Christmas a truly golden one :-)


May your New Year be even more prosperous than 2016!

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