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My personal experience with Product B 22 Feb, 2012 - Regards John Dr John Marx MB BS, BSc.(Hons)

My personal experience with Product B 22 Feb, 2012
Changes I have noticed since commencing in November, 2011 – so now over 3 months
Really it covers all facets of ageing / degeneration.
It covers a very a wide range, both physical and mental.

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Dr John Marx
MB BS, BSc.(Hons)

(1) Physical
Generally more energetic
Endurance performance
Definitely improved – specifically running
And recovery after exercise is much quicker – no delayed muscle soreness
Heart Arrhythmias
Self-diagnosis was that I had some degree of Mitral Valve Regurgitation, probably resulting from my middle distance track running days.
Frequent ectopics have improved – not cured, but better
All senses
All have improved: Vision, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Touch
Voice – stronger, more powerful
Specific musculoskeletal problems
Right Ankle degenerative arthritis - from old fracture – pain and stiffness – had virtually resolved within the first week.
Now I have forgotten that it was becoming a progressively worsening problem – pain and stiffness.
Right Shoulder Pain – Chronic Rotator Cuff Tendonitis from serving in Tennis
Probably 50% better
Upper back flexibility improved – I can pull shoulders back like I did 20 years ago – this may also help Right shoulder problem above.
This is a more recent benefit – 3rd month
Generally quality is better, thicker.
Less prone to Sun burn this Summer – more pigment
Feet – callouses on feet seem to have disappeared – have been present to some degree for last 20 years
Generally softer stools, virtually no constipation
Urinary Tract
Perhaps early prostate symptoms have all resolved
Better urine flow and control
Urine colour is now usually clear, rather than yellow and smelling strongly of ammonia. And I haven’t really altered fluid intake.
Libido increased
Erections larger
Greater sperm volume production

(2) Mental
Sleep – improved from day one
More alert, less stressed
Memory improved
Problem solving improved
Concentration and Focus improved – giving
Generally more optimistic
So David this seems like a very long list, but in reality there are probably even more changes that I haven’t listed – that I now just take for granted. I look forward to reviewing this list after 1 year on Product B.

Dr John Marx
MB BS, BSc.(Hons)

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