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It has been said by many that October is going to be the Biggest Month Ever for MyFunLife!

Here’s what’s happening in the Biggest Month Ever…
- More support staff being added (Multi-lingual)

- Online Chat Member Support
- New Movies (New 3-step Tour)
- New ARS (Auto Responder Series)
- New Comp Plan Enhancements
- New Sales Tour
- New PP Presentations
- Visa Debit Pay Cards

Launch of the First APP!!!! (It’s much more than a Travel App! It’s a complete Mobile Marketing Platform, unlike anything in the industry)

Launch of the MAP System (10 week challenge to Total Financial Freedom)

Along with the above launches the New Luxury Car Bonus will be put into play this month as well. Users who qualify will be shipped a New Luxury Car of their choice!

For those who are interested in MyFunLife and are looking for more information they can visit MyFunLife's official Website or take a look at their YouTube channel.

They can also seek information from third-party sources such as that tell their experience as a customer of MyFunLife.

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