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Never Depend on one income, Broke people Do This, DON'T DO IT !

Never depend on one source of income. That's what broke people do. When you have "one" source of income, it means that you're only one bad phone call away from ZERO income.

SOLUTION: Find additional income streams that fit with what you're doing now.....but which don't depend on the same "food source". That way, if one thing changes or stops, the others are unaffected.

SIDE-EFFECT WARNING: You will probably change your self-identity in the process. You will cease to see yourself as "I'm a rep for XYZ International"....and you'll start viewing yourself as "I am an entrepreneur. I am not defined by what company I work in. The company I work in is a vehicle for my goals, nothing more. I'm bigger than any of my income streams."

That's a good thing. ;)

I added this income-stream as a part-time venture and it's turned into a multiple six-figure income. Check it out if you're interested in an income stream that can pay you $1,000+ per day for about 30 minutes of "work".

Walter Givens
Call Toll Free : 1-800-713-9905

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