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Do you have a services business that you would like to promote locally or globally?

Marketing, proofreading, SEO, writing, graphics, web design, translations, personal services and the like are exactly what we are looking for.

We are interested in a partnership with your company, where we can help you get even more customers. Our company provides marketing and advertising for small to medium businesses all around the world.

We are just now in the process of setting up a portal called Perfect Internet Services (PI Services). From there we promote all our participating Business Partners to our other clients and people all over the world.

Would you like to hear more?


So the way it works is like this...

We will market your offers to our current clients as well as many others all over the world.

When a client sees your offer, they have the opportunity to contact you and you can set up the desired project with them.

We charge a service fee of 8% only after you secure the business. There is a minimum business listing fee, from just $10, and you are ready to roll.

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