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Promoting Your Business

Promoting your business is important if you want to increase sales and be more successful.

Were to spend your advertising budget can be a dilemma. There are so many options online.

I fell the best way to advertise and be successful is to copy what other successful busines people and entrepreneurs do. Get some advise and make a catchy video and promote it. 

Create ebooks you can give out free to promote your business and give advise on your products or services.

Join many communities and interest groups about your area of interest and place at least 10 free ads every day promoting your video ebook or services.

 I am at present helping promote Danial Masons Book Custody. See details here.

Purchase Book Custody Here:  E-Book Paperback or Hard Copy  

Danial Mason (

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Comment by Michaelng Clayton on July 19, 2022 at 12:14

New Updated Site Custody now online. THE STORY The Judge stated “This is a hotly disputed application for Custody.” This remark reflected onto the unusual custody case. It was at the time recorded as being the longest custody case held in New Zealand with an unusual, overwhelming verdict. The case took 5 days, the judge needed the wisdom of Solomon in a case like this. He said, “For sure one of the parties will leave the court greatly upset, but it will happen. Great true story will make a great movie one day. Love your thoughts on it!

Comment by Michaelng Clayton on July 13, 2022 at 22:06

Purchase Book Custody Here:  E-Book Paperback or Hard Copy  

Danial Mason (


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