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The Road into Affiliate Marketing

We heard all about Sean Rasmussen and his Journey in Web Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing on his Webinar on the 30th November.
He is one person I trust to teach me, and help me to achieve the independence I am going to have with Affiliate Marketing

What do I Want ?

* A free and independent income.
* Money to travel
* Money to give to charities
* Money to take all of my Grand Children on a holiday of a life time.(yes the parents can come too)
* The ability to help others achieve their goals

How do I do It

I am going to succeed in Affiliate Marketing with a lot of work to set it all up properly, with the help of Sean Rasmussen, and the 12 Zodiacs as well as the other members of the Awesome Forum Webvision2020.
By the end of December 2010 I will be earning enough to give the government pension the back.

By then my Affiliate Marketing strategies will be in place, I will then be working around an hour or two a day to keep it updated, and I will be able to do that when I am on my trips around the world

Stay with me and watch me GO!!

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