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Testimonials From People Taking Product B.

Testimonials From People Taking Product B.    
                   'Good Things Happen When Telomeres Are Lengthened'
I’ve now started on the Product and am noticing changes. The biggest one is that my asthma has improved out of sight! Something I hadn’t expected. I have been on heavy daily meds for it for years. Have now stopped them and no sign of the symptoms, it is really amazing. I hadn’t realized how bad my breathing had become until I could suddenly breathe easy. The change was immediate. My partner and I are both taking it and are noticing other less dramatic changes like improved mood, more energy etc. Excited to see what happens over the coming weeks. If all it does is cure my asthma then I’m a happy camper!

Catherine S ( Qld )

I have been taking the Product for close to four weeks:
1)    I have worn spectacles since I was 21 years of age.  My vision is improving.  Now I can read and write text messages and emails on my mobile phone without glasses.  Previously, that was impossible!  I had been planning another eye test.  Now, no need!  I am relieved!
2)    Fairly recently, two doctors and specialists diagnosed me with lymphatic cancer.  I was taking four to six pain killers per night, averaging four hours sleep per night.  Now, no pain and I sleep like a baby.
3)    No more arthritic pains.
4)    Weight loss.
5)    More energy.
6)    Don't suffer depression like I used to.
7)    Don't suffer from migraines like I used to.
8)    Experiencing a more positive attitude 'improvement' towards life.
9)    More mentally alert.
10)   Hips do not ache and pain throughout the night and rob me of my sleep.  My doctor told me that I would need a hip operation as this was an indication of bone rubbing against bone.
11)  I had previously injured a muscle in my upper arm that has been aching and a hindrance for the past approximate two years.  This used to wake me at night if I lay on my arm the wrong way.  I am not aware of this pain anymore. 

Col S. ( Sydney, NSW )

As I mentioned I have noticed some coincidental changes. I have been taking the Product for just over 3 weeks now. The biggest improvement has been my prostate health. As for many males over 40 I have been told I have an enlarged prostate. This has meant the need to urinate frequently and I rarely went a night without having to get up at least once. There has also been discomfort and a little pain when urinating. It made me reluctant to drink the amount of water I know I should on a daily basis.  Within 2 weeks of taking the product the symptoms have disappeared. I  am able to sleep through the night and there is no discomfort or pain. I plan to leave it one more month before I go back to the doctor to see the full impact the Product has had. My skin is definitely softer and feels moisturised to the touch. I will keep you informed.

Cathy W. ( Gold Coast, QLD )

My Father-In-Law is 2 and a half years into Alzheimers. One of the symptoms along with memory loss is aggression and frustration. He has been on the Product for about 3 weeks now. The product has definitely had a calming effect on him. Mum has repeatedly commented on his drop of aggression. Most notably, my 17 year old son, commented 3 days ago, that he noticed a change in Grandad. Almost like he was coming back ! We will definitely keep him on the product and update regularly his progress.

Paul M. ( Sydney NSW ) 

I have been on the Product for 2 months. I am 59. I have not been able to bend my 2 BIG TOES for over 5 years as I have had ARTHRITIS in the joints. NOW I can BEND my toes and there is NO PAIN. This is a MIRACLE.

My ENERGY has dramatically improved and I am sleeping so much better.  Also my STRESS levels have been greatly reduced.

Suzanne S. ( Sydney, NSW )

I have been on the PRODUCT for just over 2 months. I was a BALLERINA and danced all around the world since I was 15. My 2 knees have been severely DAMAGED for the last 30 years.  It has been BONE rubbing on BONE for over 20 years, I have always had severe PAIN especially in WINTER.  After taking the PRODUCT  I feel FANTASTIC and now I am running up the stairs and doing exercise again.

I have had BAD SLEEP for over 30 years. NOW I am SLEEPING like a BABY. I have HEAPS MORE ENERGY.

Gary M. (Brisbane)

Background- 40 odd years ago I dislocated 2 fingers playing football and since then I could not  bend them much without pain. About 35 years ago I dislocated my knee and ripped the tendon so it clicked when I walked and sometimes it would bend backwards and I would fall down. 20 years ago I had cancer. 4 years ago I had a triple bypass and that left me with poor circulation and I haven’t been able to do anything physical since.

Coincidental changes I have observed : 
·         5 days after I started on the Product I could bend my fingers for the first time without pain. Since then :
·         7 days and I slept thru the night for the first time in years,
·         8 days I noticed a slight improvement in my eyesight,
·         9 days, I worked in yard for 2.5 hours pruning trees which I could not do before, 
·         11  days I just realised my clicking knee has stopped clicking and it feels good now.

Lola W. (Canberra)

I’m a person who has had:

  • Hashimotos Thyroiditis for about 15 years and am on Oroxine.
  • Cancer and lost my left kidney, spleen and part of my pancreas – this cancer normally returns. My remaining kidney has never worked properly.

My family has cholesterol and triglyceride problems. My triglyceride level is 5.69 and I have a very high iron level as well.

I went to my Doctor who also specialises in using Chinese herbs and has over 10,000 patients! I wanted to make sure with my health concerns that the product would be safe for me to take. She looked at the ingredients and was very impressed with the product. She had already told me I needed to take Hawthorn. She said if I bought two of the herbs from the product  combination I would be paying about $85 per month. She commented on what an excellent combination the product is. After telling me why she thought the combination was great she asked me how she can get it for herself.

After 2 weeks I haven’t had any amazing effects but my Doctor wants me to stay on it and told me she believes with this product my cancer shouldn’t return.

It is what the product is doing inside of us and protecting our bodies is why I’m taking the product. When I got cancer it was 14cm x 11cm x 6cm before I had obvious physical effects from  it. I’m all for prevention first, so longer Telomeres here I come!

John W. (Adelaide)

My mum is 94 years old and has been on the Product now for over 3 weeks and reports that she is now sleeping much better is far better on her legs "not requiring to use 2 walking sticks". Her varicose veins have reduced down, very bad and prominent age spots on hands and arms are also Fading away, when we talk on the phone you can hear in her voice she is so much more full of life and energy.  This is amazing and a real blessing, as she was really starting to feel her age and had given up on the idea that she would ever be travelling to visit family again. NOW she is wondering when she can get a lift.

Clive H. (Gold Coast)

 Since commencing to consume the Product 14 days ago, I have noticed a remarkable change in my alertness, clarity of mind and overall feeling of well being. Even though I regularly consume an anti-oxidant juice product which helps to control a hip joint pain, I have noticed a marked improvement in mobility after long hours at my office desk. I feel my telomeres are getting longer and rejuvenating the body's cells. There has also been some improvement in my tinnitus which I have had for 10 years.

 Margo M. (Gold Coast)

 I am so excited about the effects the Product that has given me personally. I have felt a tremendous boost of energy and sleeping much more soundly since starting 3 weeks ago. Also a small sun cancer lesion on my nose has disappeared along with a noticeable reduction in age lines on my upper lip. There is also some subtle change with my vision and my skin seems softer.

 And also what is really exciting is, I have been giving the Product to my 17 year old female blue heeler dog who had a veterinary operation 14 months ago. The 100 millimetre square area on her back was shaved by the vet to carry out the procedure. Very minimal hair had grown back, probably because of her age.  In the last 3 weeks since giving her 2 capsules a day of the Product  the hair has been growing back profusely and is already quite thick, her overall alertness has improved and she is walking much better. To me, this is truly amazing!

Elizabeth V (Gold Coast)  

Although I am usually an active person, I realised I was slowing down and signs of depression started to set in which still came with me when I moved to the Gold Coast.

As with most depressed people, I did not want to take medication for my "Problem". But I was so fortunate that my girlfriend - still not knowing of my "Condition", asked me to join her in trialling a new Product that had just became available here. The rest is history! My activity level "Kicked In" once more and no person experiencing this new found zest for life can possibly stay depressed!

My feeling of well being is such a surprise and I "Feel Blessed". After only 3 weeks on the product, I can't wait to see what else is in store for me.

Bob J. (Canberra)

Just prior to Product I was diagnosed with osteopenia (mid-range osteoporosis). That is, I had lost some bone density.  This test was carried out because I had too easily broken some ribs a couple of times. 

Around the time of the diagnosis I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone who said lets pray about it. He said I should pray for myself as scripture says that whatever you ask in Jesus' name and believe you will receive. I was lead by the Lord to ask to be renewed like the eagle, for strength to return to my bones and renewed health.

About this time is when I had also learnt about the Product. I did some more research and realised that is what would happen if I activated my telomerase. 

Just after one day on the Product I found that I had improved energy.  With my next fat burn workout at the Gym I had to work extra hard to keep my heart rate up to burn fat.  I had never had the incline on the treadmill so steep and the pace adjusted so fast.  When finished I felt like I had hardly worked at all. This had happened again since.

I have been taking the Product for two weeks now. The skin on my face and forearms is clearing up of scaly and red sun damage. I used to have these burnt off regularly. And the loose skin under my chin has almost gone. (My grandkids used say I had a turkey neck.)

I have heaps more energy and most, not all, of my joint pain and back pain have gone.  My back had been damaged quite badly and I have been going to a chiropractor regularly for 12 years or so. 

I have not had really good sleep as long as I can remember, but even though I'm not sleeping any longer, I find that I am more refreshed when I wake up and am not tired during the day like I used to be. I feel that I have been sleeping more soundly since taking the Product.

Namil N. (North Carolina)

I am 75 years of age. Today, Sept. 9th, I have used the Product for 12 days. In general I have noticed: an increase in stamina, increase in general overall strength, especially my legs, decrease in depressive feelings, easier to maintain a positive mood, I sleep like a log, wake up feeling refreshed and clear headed, much less waking up stiffness, my skin is less flabby or loose when I shave my face.

Gayla B. (Oklohoma)

My father's story is amazing. He's a typical farmer/rancher. If something needs done you do it. Over his 81 years he has had broken ribs & collar bone, torn rotator cuffs(right & left) and knee replacement. Aches and hurting was a way of life. He had back surgery in May and did not expect to be prepared to compete in the Select World Cutting competition that he had qualified for last year. He returned to riding the first of August and the competition was August 26th. He said, "Gayla, get me ready." I told him I thought a lot of his problem was inflammation. He did the 9 day cleanse and lost 10 lbs. He was now able to get on and off his horse without assistance. He continues the shakes 2 times a day.  On  August 19th we started the Product . Within a week he reported he had slept through the night. His swelling was down in his ankles and legs. We could actually see his ankle bone which we hadn't seen in years because of the inflammation. He did great in the competition and said, "I'll be back next year!" This last weekend he competed and won the open class in Cutting. It's nice to have my Daddy back, with that gleam in his eyes and a zest for life that had been missing for so many months.

Gino P. (Melbourne)

I am a 53 year old Concreter. I have a lot more energy, my eyesight has improved, a sore shoulder that I have had for 5 years is no longer sore, I find it much easier to get out of bed, and the pain that I had in my feet has also gone. I feel great.

Pina P. (Melbourne)

For 5 months I had a very sore leg and had been limping. I had been to the Doctors about it numerous times but they couldn’t work out what was actually wrong. 3 days after I started taking the Product the pain had disappeared.

Theo P. (Melbourne)

After 20 days on the Product I can tell you I have had some very significant changes going on….
1. 10 years of sinus issues - improved by 99.7% - I can now breath through my nose again!!
2. Energy - A controlled energy that I have never experienced before…
3. Bowel Movements - I always now leave the toilet feeling like "I have gone"… done in 60 seconds.
4. Skin - feels softer and complexion improved.
5. Weight Loss - Have lost 4 kgs ( 9 lbs) in 20 days - no change in my diet!!
6. Massive improvement in mental clarity.

David W. (Warburton, Victoria)

“About 75 days into the Product I realized that my left Trapezius Muscle (a remnant of less than 10%) that I was born with had  developed to a stunning 90% plus of normal mass and strength. It is now holding my shoulder back to near normal position that was previously 50mm forward of my right shoulder all my life of 62 years. Also my spine has lengthened and added 1.5cm in height back to my original height.  I am now adjusting to my new body posture – very weird indeed! Fantastic feeling to be in alignment - it is a new reborn feeling! My mother was born with the right Trapezius Muscle in remnant form. So DNA repair has occurred of the Genetic fault passed on through my Mother! WOW!!!”

My body must have accessed the original plans of my DNA for my Trapezes Muscle and correctly copied them to create a new one!

Michelle C. (Ipswich)

The Product has been a blessing. My doctors told me I should have been in a wheelchair and I lost all feeling in my left leg making walking difficult but since taking the Product I have had a lot of energy and I now have feeling back in my leg again, I'm so happy as I have only been on it for 5 days, I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens in the next couple of weeks.

Barry M.  (Canberra)

Due to injuries I suffered to my left shoulder performing Martial Arts over two decades ago I was unable to rotate the arm to any degree and was in constant pain. I could only sleep for short periods of time.

In 1997 I injured my lower back lifting a “Metal Lathe”  This was a twisting crush injury that resulted in chronic back pain that has increased in severity over the years.

2001 June I was laid up in bed unable to walk for two weeks. This was particularly bad this time as I couldn’t roll of my left shoulder without assistance.

August 15th Took first 2 capsules of the Product then went to bed.

Next morning 7am, .. jumped out of bed and into shower, …. Then the “Shock set in” I had jumped out of bed!  This was the first time in 14 years I have been able to do this!  NO PAIN WHATSOEVER!

17th Drive up to LA, Long flight back to Sydney, bus back to Canberra.   NO PAIN

2011 August Saturday 20th Got out of the shower in the morning, no clicking in my left shoulder. I can now do full rotations!   How’s that for a coincidence! 

That afternoon I did some light martial arts training. Stretching etc. I found I could now bring my left knee up to my chest and let it go back down without making big clacking sounds as it popped back into place! (Legacy of the lower back problem.)

Bob P. (Tasmania)

I have always kept myself reasonably fit playing sport. I am 63 years of age and play veteran's cricket. I had a few minor aches, pains and stiffness in my shoulder and neck.

I have been taking the Product for 15 days. Although I did not have any major physical problems I can say however I have noticed I seem to have more energy, any aches and pains I did have are gone, and I am more relaxed.

John W. (Adelaide)

I am 63 years & 11 months young.   Over my working life I have suffered many very bad Accidents, Broken bones, collapsed lung etc...

My left knee was recently scanned and has no cartilage left and with only half of its flexibility, the Doctors want to replace it for metal one. Some prolapsed disks in  my lower spine constantly cause's Sciatic pain to my right leg. Sleeping has been a problem and with movement I would wake up with the pain and discomfort. I also suffer from skin difficulties. Our Product arrived at 1.30pm. My wife and I each took 2 capsules each, about 2 hours later while sitting quietly I noticed my whole body was experiencing a very faint yet exciting tingling feeling had I been doing something I most likely would never have noticed. That night sleep was great and next morning I was feeling great without PAIN. Now 6 days later I can do things I could not do before without pain and also we notice my Skin is becoming more tighter and flexible.

Sarah W. (Adelaide)

I used to suffer chronic headache and also lower back pain. I thought being in my 40's slows my energy down.

I started taking the Product on September 5 at 3:27 pm. First things I have noticed was I heard my backbone popping like as if somebody is pulling it out. After that I never suffered from back pain at all . 

I can say that this is amazing not only due to the fact that my back pain and headache almost instantly disappeared, but I also sleep better, my mind feels very peaceful and calm, and I now have triple the energy I had previously.

Trevor C. (Sunbury)

Since starting to consume the Product the bags under eyes have reduced, I am sleeping much more deeply and not waking up at all when I roll over in bed. I have more energy and am able to concentrate for longer periods. I am also moving much more freely after sitting for long periods and seem more flexible in my movements. I feel great!  

Eileen H’s dog ‘Amy’ (Rockhampton)

‘Amy’ is a 5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. About 6 months ago Amy was diagnosed by a Vet using a scanning device as having an enlarged heart, with extra fluid around it, and a faulty valve. She was very lethargic just lying around and seemed on the way out! The Vet had said she probably only had months to live. She had also been on about $300 worth of tablets per month as prescribed by the Vet.

We have been giving her 1 capsule of the Product in a bit of mince each night before going to bed for the last 10 days. The very next day after receiving her first capsule Amy was up early looking for food and is now much brighter, more alert and more active. She is obviously feeling much better.

Amy continues to improve, 3 weeks on the Product, with the heat coming on, I booked her in for a haircut on Tuesday. Shampoo first is the drill, she normally lies in the sun to dry off (before a blowdry) but not now. I looked out to find her in the garden having a great time digging a hole, dirt and chip bark all over her and the yard, the second bath was under the garden hose. Even the dog parlour noticed a big change in her health, and how bright her eyes were, next will be a visit to the vets.

Linda C. (Sunbury)

Since taking the Product my skin is much softer and feels like it has been moisturized, where as normally it would be much drier over winter. I have had numerous girl-friends comment that my skin and face looks softer and less wrinkled..

For two years I had two raised moles on my back which whenever I had a massage I was advised that I should have checked by a Doctor. They have disappeared completely.

I have more energy and am waking up feeling refreshed as I am now sleeping much better.

Chris G. (Canberra)

Since my first two capsules of the Product, I am able to go straight back to sleep after my baby daughter wakes me up at night. Before the Product, I would be awake for the next two hours. Needless to say, my energy levels are so much higher now. I've shed about 3kg without even trying. I've also noticed a distinct lack of stiffness of my joins, especially after getting up.

John L.

Since starting on Product I found my cravings for sugar disappear. As a direct consequence of that I now have a much healthier lifestyle. Also, my energy level has been phenomenal, to the point that my employment is now delivering 30% more into my bank account. So if people ask me if Product is worth the expense I can honestly say that it has been worth every penny.

Kristina L.

Kristina L started taking Product  because her son John L. above told her it was a good idea. She was already taking a wide range of vitamin, mineral and co-factor supplements from a leading health products company, however her eyesight was declining. Macular pucker was causing what had appeared to be irreversible damage to how sharp the eyesight was. For a background on why you can visit Essentially, as we age the parts of our eye may start to change shape. The jelly or vitreous part of the eye may detach from the retina, or the light collecting part of the eye, and when this happens scar tissue may form that blurs the person's vision. You might think that such a thing could not be reversed, but it would appear that co-incidental with taking Product  the pucker symptoms have subsided. When Kristina went to the eye doctor for a further check up she was told that she could now drive again because her eyesight had improved. The eye doctor was stunned and asked Kristina what she was doing differently. She said, shyly, that the only change in her life and lifestyle was that she had begun taking these pills that her son had told her would be good for her.

Kristina can now drive herself to the cafe to meet with friends and regaining that freedom has brought a lot of happiness into her life.


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