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The biggest change since the beginning of the Internet!

Do you remember what happened in the ´90  When the internet was catching on.

Since the creation of the internet much have been affected by that.

First and foremost the way we communicate. In the 'old days' some of us had to go the the typewriter, write the letter flawless not easy to correct errors (or written by hand) - find an envelope - a post stamp and off to the mailbox.

But it was an efficient service then. Most often the letter arrived the very next day to the address of the one who's name was on the front of the envelope.

Today the same thing can be done in 1/3 of the time and be delivered in seconds. (if you know the e-mail address) Pictures - documents most things is send by e-mail today and the post service today is suffering because of that.

More and more people started using the internet to send mails and documents to one another - especially companies started to see the benefit of e-mails getting send in minutes.
That affected the post service all over the globe, making it difficult to generate an income of the service.
So the post service suffered heavily.
And now....
The same thing is about to happen with the financial system.
Sending money especially cross border have been a great income source for the banks that offers this service.
But because of new technology that makes it safe and secure to do it yourself online the same thing as with the mail system is about to happen.
Search for more information of what a block chain is, to become knowledgeable. (1000 of servers that have to be accessed the same time to get a transaction to go through)
But now a company offers ordinary people to get a piece of the pie.
Because we need a platform to exchange paper money into digital money known as crypto currencies.
The most well known is BitCoin.
New crypto currencies similar to bitcoin is popping up all over the landscape.
But the platform I am talking about will include the mostly used coins in the exchange.
So I invite you to look at an opportunity to become a shareholder in this platform. This short video will give you a little clue.
Youtube video
It is a project that runs from now til May 1 -2018 where the window closes for investors.
The early birds will have an advantage for making an investment.
You will receive tokens based on your level of investment. As more investors will get tokens the token barometer will rise til it reaches 100% and the tokens will split. So you will actually double the number of tokens you started out with.
Based on the investment level you can get up to 5 splits in total.
By May 9-2018 your tokens will be exchanged to public shares in the company.
Did this caught your interest?
Click the link:

Level of investment:
$1000 gives 1 split and 10,000 tokens
$3000 gives 2 splits and 36,000 tokens
$5000 gives 3 splits and 65,000 tokens
$12,500 gives 4 splits and 187,500 tokens
and finally $50,000 usd gives 5 splits and 750,000 tokens to start with 
Any questions? Send a message.
Kind regards
Peter Larsen.

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