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The first cloud service for fully automated content , traffic and link building is coming ...

We currently live in a revolution : the information and knowledge revolution. A revolution that is ubiquitous in our day and is reflected in every corner . "">Old systems crunch and crackle under their load then , porous structures crumble and dissolve in the mist of the new and dusty views and attitudes burst under the collective power of the blossoming information age.

It is not difficult , we are swimming in information . There are now billions of web pages , millions of books , journals, newspapers , magazines , ebooks , audio books , podcasts , feeds, videos, blogs , documents and other information. ">Nearly 100 billion emails are sent daily worldwide .

" We add more than 100 million new websites on the Internet . Overall, there are already more than 80 billion individual web pages , spread over 150 million domains. ">Insiders estimate that around the so-called DeepWeb at least 5-10 times is even greater. "

But this immense development enforces another , much more profound change in the entire modern society. ">An all-encompassing , never irreversible , unstoppable at no time more , ever- accelerating Megatrend :

">For all these reasons , we have decided in the Onebiz AG to take a decisive step ...

">The publication of a fully automated traffic - cloud services !

Many webmasters use when traffic building a mixture of many methods and fail in all . ">For these people, it is best if they understand that one kilogram of practical action is worth more than a ton of theoretical knowledge.

">" Onebiz - the first fully automated cloud service for content , traffic and link building - helps you build traffic for any website or any affiliate link on the Internet ! "

"">Or you wish to learn more , then visit our German video below:

Greeting Diethardt

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