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The ID Anti-Aging System

“It comes down to trust. I have peace of mind recommending Modere I/D to my family, friends and customers not just because it gives amazing results but also because I understand the care Modere puts into their products”

This incredible anti-aging solution is the only one of its kind. In two simple steps, it not only produces instant results, it helps skin look healthier with each application!

  • This unique and exclusive combination of ingredients instantly softens, smooths and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • Infusion awakens and invigorates your skin. Contains innovative new botanicals and cutting-edge technology packed into a purifying gel infused with snow algae, summer snowflake flower and Ox3™.
  • Defense preserves and defends your skin from the elements. This serum is an anti-pollution environmental protector that features more than fifteen botanical extracts, plus EcoSkin®, a pre and probiotic complex.
  • Message me to find out how you can purchase this incredible skin care programme in your country of delivery and receive your gift card

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