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We are on the leading edge of a major paradigm shift with this one. For most dieting is a chore, feeling lethargic, hungry and irritable. And don’t last once the effort is made!
The Modere Weight Management Program is a revolutionary program that helps people make intelligent choices that fit their own personal needs. Our program embraces the philosophy that ‘strong is the new skinny’– a leaner frame with good muscle tone is the goal. Being healthy includes knowing the right products and foods for fat loss because we want to feel the way we do on Modere Weight Management Program – energised, vibrant, lean and youthful.
The program is simple and everything is provided in our Modere M3 Pledge. There is so much more to the Modere Weight Management Program than simply a product range, but the products will play an important role in helping people achieve those goals.
Our philosophy is live clean lose weight with better lifestyle choices by encouraging you to look at your body differently. The M3 Pledge gives you the confidence to be the real you.
Based on the Mediterranean Diet which is not a fad or limited list of foods, it is a balance eating program low in sugar, moderate in protein and with your healthy eating 10,000 steps a day for you to attain your perfect goal. M3 fits into your busy lifestyle and easy to follow making it easy to stick to it.
Contact: John and Sabine Hellewell AUSTRALIA/NZ USA/CANADA

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