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The Power of expressing Gratitude for Business

I know the power of sending out gratitude--from my own personal experience--and I have also witnessed the power of gratitude in the lives of many others. Expressing gratitude does incredible things for your relationships. In addition, it makes good business sense. Here’s a true story that exemplifies the power of expressing gratitude in business.

One of our customers lives in Las Vegas, where the unemployment rate is very high. She had applied for a cocktail waitress job at a local casino, along with many other women looking for work. Although she was granted an interview, she was not offered the job. She decided to send a thank you card to the person who interviewed her, expressing appreciation for the opportunity to interview.

A few days later, she got a phone call from the person who had received her card. They were so impressed with her expression of gratitude—especially since she had NOT been offered the job--that they offered her an even better job supervising all the cocktail waitresses.

The power of expressing gratitude can never be underestimated!

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