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Create You Own Singles Dating Site Free Earn Income

Create You Own Singles Dating Site Free Earn Income

There are many kinds of dating sites now days and the best sites to create if you want to earn income or make extra money are dating sites for a  nich markets.

Here are some options you should consider.

Romantic Dating, Black Asian Dating, Disabled Dating, Dating Diary, Indian Dating, Asian Dating, Interracial Dating, Dating for Single Parents,Outdoor Dating,Senior Dating,Dinner Dates,Cartoon Dating,Fitness Clubs Dates, Executive Dating, Dance With Me,Tennis Dating,Sport Dating, Coffee Dates, Singlescrowd Dating, Soul Dating, 40sPlus Dating,Worldwide Dating,Serious Dating. Long Term Dating.

There are many other options I will not consider here for the fact I want this site to be for general viewing.

Dating sites are also available in multple languages which allow you to service a wider range of communities, countries and ethnic backgrounds. This will help you to sign more members and make more Monthly income.

Languages available include English, Chinese, German, Danish, Italian, Turkish, Norwegian, Croatian.


See sample sites here

Start  Earning Income Now

If you would like to be involved with a singles business you can get your own name dating site free. You can get a free singles site by being an affiliate; ( Note: Dating Factory Is The New Owner Of World Dating Partners / singlescrowd )

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Become Involved In An Australian Start Up Singles Business

Why Investors Stay Clear Of Dating Sites


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Comment by Michaelng Clayton on July 13, 2022 at 11:30

Update: 13/07/2022 Anyone interested in creating an personal introduction service online. It would need 7 day attention and I do not have time to do it all myself. See old post below or view old site Australian single dating site and personal introduction agency serv...

Comment by Michaelng Clayton on June 19, 2017 at 13:40

Message to investors in introduction agencies; matchmaking, dating or singles sites. I first investigated dating service's in the 1970's. In 1980 I purchased a share of of computer dating service called Compute-A-Couple. Over the next 3 years I purchased a $20,000 Altos Computer with 20mg hard drive from the USA and developed my own design matchmaking software. Long story but by 1983 we had 5 offices and our main office in Bourke Street Melbourne turned over $20,000 a week. In more recent times ...  Since 1998 I re developed software to do the same matchmaking online. Formed a new company  called A Select Choice. However in 2002 just as we were about to launch the company my then main investor and business partner Max Carter died suddenly. I had to buy his family out. I tried for a few years to find a new partner but failed so shelved that project. I believe with the right entrepreneurial partner there is a fortune to be main in online singles sites as I have the software system and marketing skills and method to make it a big succeed. In the past 15 years I have been doing affiliate singles and have earned over $150,000 in commissions. This is about $5.00 a year per client I have signed. With my system the revenue from each client would be $300 per client per year. If interested contact me here via my profile.

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