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We are into Export Business of Agricultural Products from Africa

Presently today in Nigeria we have several agro- allied products that are money spinners all over the world, these agro- allied products will be listed below.

1. Yam flour & fufu powder production
2. Plantain flour production
3. Banana production (chips and flour)
4. Sun flower oil production
5. Castor oil production
6. Vegetable oil production
7. Melon seed oil production (egusi)
8. Gum Arabic production
9. Cassava production
10. Poultry feed production
11. Sesame seed production
12. Cocoa bean seed production
13. Dry split ginger production
14. Raw Cashew nut production
15. Kola nut & bitter kola production
16. Peanut production (groundnut)
17. Soya beans production
18. Hibiscus flower production (zobo)
19. Crude palm oil production
20. Hard wood charcoal production

We are also exporters for these agricultural products.

1. Raw cocoa beans
2. Raw cashew nuts
3. Dried split ginger
4. sesame seed
5. Gum arabic
6. Soya beans / cake
7. Groundnut / cake
8. Chilly pepper
9. Black pepper
10.Cassava / cassava flour / cassava chips and pellets.
11.Red beans
12.Sheanut / shea butter / cake / karite
13.Garlic / Powder
14.Red palm oil
15.Palm kernel / cake
16.Hibiscus Flower (zobo)
17.Kolanut / Dried Kolanut
18.Bitter Kola
19.Castor seed
20.Cotton Lint , seed / cake
21.Pure Natural hard wood charcoal
22.Pure natural Honey

All export are FOB Basis but if you want cif or Cnf that can be discussed.

From the list above we are only going to select some few products to explain further on.

send us an email to

onyekachi ngodo

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Comment by kachi samuel on January 8, 2016 at 19:06

feel free to send emails or request for further information as regards to this blogg

Comment by kachi samuel on January 8, 2016 at 19:06

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