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We are looking for a rep in the professional services industry with good business connections in the USA.

This could be a great addition to your current services with no disruption to your present activities. New advisor training begins each Tues at 10am CST.

Some of these commissions are paid monthly for several years: The app does all the selling, commissions are normally paid on Tues and Friday

Credit Card Audit – 30% of Fee
Waste & Recycling Audits – 30% of Fee
Workers Comp Audit – 30% of Fee
Cost Segregation – 15% of Fee
Property Tax Review – 7.5% of Fee
Research & Development Credit – 7.5% of Fee
WOTC - 7.5% of tax credits received by the client

*Plus: If you want to build a team, you earn 2.5% On Your Team's Activity! It's not required though.

This explains what we do:

Best Regards,

Larry Potter

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