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We are pleased to announce our very first product.

Join Something New Have Just Released Their Much Anticipated Mobile App.

It's finally here: we are pleased to announce the concept of our very first product.

From our vision to our first product
Our mission is to move the world and change the way people use transportation. Lately, this has proven to be the right direction to move in. More and more large companies have begun to invest big money towards the same purpose: adaptive car cruise control, automatic parking, car sharing, Google driver-less cars, IBM's solution for smarter city transportation, you name it. We believe that all of this points to the validity of our vision: to provide a hassle-free transportation solution for people all around the world and to pave the way for the mobility of the future!

In order to accomplish this grand goal, we needed to select a first product which has the ability to:
  • get us started on the way to smarter mobility;
  • generate substantial amounts of money in order to fund our community business (you) and our plans for future products.
Please welcome: Liftago Taxi
Liftago Taxi is a brand new mobile application service directly connecting passengers (with Liftago Taxi app) and taxi drivers (with Liftago Driver app) and offering benefits to all:
  • Passengers get more timely, reliable, and convenient taxi service and driver ratings, while avoiding wait times, unreasonable costs, and unpleasant surprises.
  • Taxi drivers get extra customers through Liftago and pay only a nominal fixed fee for each Liftago order they receive without any other charges. With Liftago they can provide better taxi service and make the most out of their business.
  • Marketers (like you) do not have to sell anything. You and your marketing community get cash rewards by spreading the use of the free Liftago app among passengers and drivers. Once a passenger from your community uses the Liftago Taxi app to order a taxi, your marketing community gets its share. What's more, there are no fees to be paid!
Liftago Community Business 
The innovative Liftago community business plays a vital role in growing our Liftago service around the world. The Liftago revenue is the sum of the transaction fees paid by drivers for each Liftago order they receive and Liftago shares 50% of this money with you - the community of marketers. A simple animated YouTube video shows you the basics of your Liftago marketer role and its potential.


What Happens Next

We are nearing the time of launching:
  • the passenger and driver apps for iOS and Android phones;
  • a fully-branded Liftago website for passengers and drivers;
  • an upgraded personal page for marketers, containing training and marketing materials and effective tools for spreading Liftago apps with your invite code.
To learn more about the launch and next step join here Free Be In At The Birth Of This New Technology

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