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Testimony from a happy customer

Wanted to speak about a testimonial of the Prevail MAX, We have friends of ours that the Hubby was having some joint issues, aches and pains in knees and hips - lower back, His wife had a shoulder that she injured in a fall. It was painful and she was receiving cortisone injections for pain and mobility.

I talked them into trying the MAX, they have now ordered the 5th bottle and made sure I had stock. the first bottle was for her and then I said he should try it, She has not need a Cortisone shot for 2+ months. She has been on the Immune and is sleeping better. He has much more movement and less stiffness and pain is almost completely gone!

We are sharing an amazing product that you will love that is changing lives around the world! "Not a salesperson?". We don't sell anything!!! We share what we love!

John and Sabine Hellewell

John Hellewell

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Phone WhatsApp +601110964007

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