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In the room all alone by yourself i know you love it. You have got a cozy zone where everything is within your reach. Your table is decked with a plethora of sumptuous meals, the barn of your refrigerator is replete with all kinds of veggies and fruits and it doesn't cost you much to change your clothe every season. So safe and secured are you. The roof above your head doesn't leak so you become at peace and at ease as you sit in your well stuffed couch delighting your eyes with motions and pictures on your plasma or P.C

Love is lavished on you from all sides. You have a place in the heart of many generous and well meaning folks who really love you. Some of them refer to you as mum or dad,sister or brother, uncle or auntie, friend or foe; there is a social tie no matter what it is; and that is the lifeblood of human existence- fellowship and relationship.

You are one but you ain't alone; but there is this one, who is one and yet alone. This one is an orphan. He walks through the rain as it pours heavily on him having no place to sleep, no food to eat and no one to call a friend or a loved one. He is underprivileged but you are privileged, he belong to the class of the 'have-nots' but you belong to the class of the 'haves'. He walks along the alley besides your house hoping to get someone to call him in.

But as the downpour pelts harder, he decides humbly to walk to your door and knock if haply you would let him in because he needs protection, provision and affection. And are this too much to give as a show of love and care to mankind? NO! Please listen as this orphan knocks on the door of your house (heart). When someone knocks at the door, let him in. Will ya?

For all you know He is an angel in disguise.

Follow your heart and help an orphan today.

Visit : to find out how!

God Bless You!

By A. C Arkhurst

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