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tristan's Page

Twitter is the platform we are gonna build on.If you have followers on Twitter,then advertisers are interested in putting ads on your account.How much they are willing to pay depends on many factors such as, how many followers you old is your targeted are your followers to what they want advertised.
If you use your Twitter account to just chat with friends,then I suggest you open another Twitter account and build it,so your friends don't get lost in the....... jumble.
First, it would be nice if you had thousands of followers right?Because the more followers, the more you are worth to some company's, and you will get more clicks for the PTC company's.

Thats right. There are two different types of company pay plans.

The first type that I personally like the best is "bidding" for the tweet. How that works is, you place a bid on how much you'll charge for posting one tweet.You will have a pre-set suggested price,and the object is to bid lower than that to entice advertisers. Plus beat the competitions bid.Remember,there ARE other people doing this.
The reason I like this type is because,nobody has to click on the ad or sign up for anything.You just post the ad and get paid.

The other type is Pay Per Click.You just choose ads to post in your time line and get paid anywhere from $0.01 to $0.50 a click.
Obviously the more followers you have the better results you are going to have.
I have found a way to get thousands of followers in 30-60 days for free.It does take some hours following the right people.Here is the method I use to get 10,000 in 60 days, and it doesn't cost a penny.


The Idea here is NOT to post ads all day long, like spamming every op that comes along,all day and night to your followers.Those accounts generally don't keep loyal followers or get suspended by twitter.As with any networking opportunity,social interaction is VITAL to your networking success.People like REAL people.So, as I describe my method of gaining thousands of followers,keep in mind,they are YOUR followers.They are looking at YOU.If you are perceived as a real,honest person,Even if their not interested in your opportunity,they will most likely look at the next one you speak of.So interact with your followers and contacts on a different level other than YOU getting a sale or sign-up.People have good days and bad days...ask them how theirs went. is my method of getting the audience to interact with.

First open a TWITTER account if you don't all ready have one.Then go to SocialOomph and for right now, choose the free version of the program.You can test drive the paid version with a free trial if you wish,it does have some awesome features.
I don't suggest spending any money until you've made some.
as soon as you log into SocialOomph set up your twitter account to auto follow.If you don't, you will be spending all your time following new people that followed you.When you get close to your following limits put in place by Twitter,manually start un-following people that are not following you.I don't suggest un-following more that 20-40 people a day,Twitters rules are a bit fuzzy on what "exactly" you can do, and not do.
They do state that following and unfollowing large groups of people in a "short period of time", is considered "follower churn", and will get your account suspended.

Once you have that set up,there are many methods that work for getting targeted followers. is awesome. Log in there and join 10 different category's that you would like to be listed in.Then select the category of the kind of targeted followers you want, and start following everyone on the first 10 pages.(I don't suggest following more than 200 people a day.)
After you have done that,you can search people lists on twitter, and follow lists of your interests,AND follow the people on that list.
My favorite lists to follow are, network marketing lists, and people who follow back lists.
Try not to follow more than 3 or 4 hundred more than are following you.

When you can't follow any more people because of the twitter follow limits,you need to start manually start un-following people who did NOT follow you back.I don't suggest doing more then 10 or 20 a day.Try not to unfollow and then follow large groups of people at one time.This may get your Twitter account banned.
Repeating this process over the period of 60 days or so,is going to get you around 10,000 followers.

While your taking a break from following people,you can go ahead and register with the advertising company's and get a feel for how each one works. It is very important and to your best interest to read each sites RULES and TERMS OF SERVICE.
DO NOT SPAM YOUR ACCOUNTS!! It will mess up your chance at a free, legitimate, real PAYING opportunity.

My favorite is this one MY FAVORITE It is based on the "bid what you think your worth" pay plan.If you bid yourself too might not get any advertisers willing to pay you.If you decide to refer people to this company,you will earn 10% of what that referral makes the company.

Next one to check out is THIS ONE it is based on the Pay Per Click payment method.I like it because it has banners and ads you can place on facebook, if people click on them, you get paid,as well as posting on Twitter.Plus if you refer anyone,you get 20% of their earnings for life!

The third one I'm listing here is THIS ONE
It is also a Pay Per Click pay plan.

I am testing some others at the moment, and if they prove to be easy, real paying companys, I will list them. If you have any that you know about and think I should look at them, send me an email either here or at
You can also email me if you get stuck some where or just have some more detailed questions.

Don't forget that you can follow me on twitter HERE I FOLLOW BACK!

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At 21:57 on April 21, 2013, Coby Hunt said…
Healthy Weight Loss Diet Tips

Hello, I just wanted to stop by your page because I haven't been on in awhile and say hi.

I welcome you to add me as a friend as well as leave me a comment, if you would like to connect and grow our resources with each other.


Coby Hunt
At 4:44 on March 2, 2010, Angelique EDL Coaching said…
Hi Tristan,

Thanks for the invite up here too ;o)
Have a good one!

At 11:55 on February 28, 2010, Michaelng Clayton said…
Hi Tristan

Nice to have you as a member here, what are your main interests? Do you have any online business? I am always doing something as I have many web pages online. Please have a look at blogs forums and groups and join some.

Lots of nice people here so make some friends.

Regards Michael
At 11:19pm on January 18, 2010, Neenah Jordan Kelliebrew (Queen) gave tristan a gift
A token of our friendship!!
At 11:08 on January 18, 2010, Neenah Jordan Kelliebrew (Queen) said…
I will follow you on Twitter as well. I get around!! lol


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