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Drizoro Maxseal Super Dusting - How to Waterproof a concrete Slab

How to Waterproof a Concrete Slab ADVANTAGES of Drizoro Maxseal® SUPER
How to Waterproof a Concrete Slab
ADVANTAGES of Drizoro Maxseal® SUPER

This cement-based osmotic system is a one-component, cement-based, waterproof and protective coating applied in thin layers, i.e. up to 1 mm per layer, which achieves the following properties:
Waterproofs concrete slabs
Excellent waterproofing properties. Withstands very high positive and negative hydrostatic pressure.
High adhesion and compatibility with common substrates used in construction.
Does not require bonding agents and must be applied on wet surfaces.
It fills and seals the pores of the substrate and becomes part of the structure of the surface.
Joints or connections are not required – leaking risk is avoided.
Permeable to water vapour – it allows the substrate to breathe. A vapour barrier is not formed.
High resistant to abrasion and UV rays. High durability, similar to concrete.
Excellent chemical protection of concrete against atmospheric pollution, de-icing salts, soil salts, chlorides, seawater and carbon dioxide,
Resists the carbonation and electrolytic chemical corrosion of reinforcements.
No solvents or toxic components are used.
Environmentally friendly and it is suitable coating for drinking water tanks
Easy and quick to be applied manually or even by spray, with labor savings and less work required.
Drizoro Maxseal® SUPER is non-toxic, non-flammable
Half down the page how Maxseal Super differs from Bentonite clay membrane
Video shows how to Waterproof a concrete Slabs using dusting of drizoro maxseal super This cement-based o...

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