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I need your Ideas on how to get more traffic and signups to my website

Hi Guys,   I started  a classified Ads website a while ago

my aim is to  compete with a site like

My site is Free to join and Free to advertise  All listings are free and all Basic

Sales are Free.  we do have some fees for upgrading Ads

My site is being paid for mainly from Sponsor Ads.   Sponsor can show their

Banner, Text or Video Ads on our site


I would like your Ideas on how best I can get more  Traffic

and more member signups


Regards,  Sam


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Hello Sam

See my news letter for ideas. Over 10 years I have signed 30,000 people to different programs including 840 to OBOads              Read News letter Here

Can't Get Your Link To Work. 

Hi Sam,

Have you tried to offer something FREE to join?

How about holding a webinar  with something special offered by a raffle at the end ?

People love FREE items....not just a FREE SIGNUP.

Contact me and let me explain more.    

Helen Caronna

In Subject line put in SUGGECTIONS WANTED

Hi Helen,  

thanks for your suggestion, however webinar is not my cup of tea. 

I am working currently on an Idea where I put up flyers on notice boards

all over Melbourne with some hot Ad specials in order to entice people

to visit my website.  Hoping then that people will start listing their

own  goods for sale.  I will then pick the best specials and again 

advertise them on my flyers....well just started on that Idea ...lets see

if that works

The next step could be using the same flyers to use them as letter box


Cheers,  Sam

Still Can't Get Your Link To Work,  When I Click On It, It Takes Me To A Phone Search Site.. 

Hi James,  my website is closed down for now....I tried to delete this post but cant find anywhere to click on

Oh, Ok, Thanks Sam. 


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