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1- I Need 4 people to join me

 This is a unique opportunity don't miss it.

2- This is another amasing opportunity worth a look.

3- This is a ready made blogging page and business. cheque it out

Hi ! Join my network myNetworkingPro, absolutely free.
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I'm tired of all these work from home opportunity that claim they are so great , and yet 87% percent of the people that get into them fail .
( The truth is , most people fail because they aren't coachable and fail to do what they are told to do .)
But what if ?!?
  What if a company came along where you couldn't fail . Just the limit of success was dictated by your actions ?
What if you could make money every day , whether you sold anything or not? ( not a gifting program)
  What if you didn't have to buy product monthly ?
  What if you didn't have to sign up anyone else to make money ?
  What if there was no meeting to host, or convention to attend ?
  That would be great wouldn't it !!!!
Well such a program is here !!!
And we are the only ones doing it !
It's fun , and even a little addictive !
So come join the fun !
 We really do make money every day, and I'd be happy to show it to you !
Hope to hear from you soon !

I been trying for over 7 years on the net, to make a $ but been taken by most sites, of my dosh and  got no where sofar. But still trying to succeed, hope I got it beaten from here now !

Hi Corneils van,

I felt the same till I came across this this program.

Try it with $10 to be given to you as a trial and you will see how steady you earn everyday.

Cornelis van said:

I been trying for over 7 years on the net, to make a $ but been taken by most sites, of my dosh and  got no where sofar. But still trying to succeed, hope I got it beaten from here now !

Good luck on your trial.

Keep it up!!

I came across a group that I think might interest you too, it's called Ready Built Downline. It's a group of Network marketers who have come together to help people like us out. They actually build a downline for us if we get involved, which I think is fantastic. The business they build is called Xooma and there is no start up fee. We just have to purchase the product for our own personal use and they build the rest of the business for us. I think it has potential so I jumped onboard and signed up. 

The group is on facebook and if you want to get involved in the Xooma business with their assistance here is where you go to sign up which will get you started with Xooma.... and the RBD group build it for you. All they ask of us is that we share their group with others or help out in any other way. I think it's great!

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 Finding a new nugget, look through ! 21/05/2012

 Look good Terry I noticed this site a few times,  I keep it in mind, have a bag full now to look after at  21/05/2012

Terry Konza said:

Good luck on your trial.

Keep it up!!


Don't overloaded.

 Thanks for your Tip.


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