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I have looked for a system like this for years!

 Hi Nina  good to hear from U my Tip for the gang at ABC is! good hunting for u to.

Hi Everyone,

   Don't imagine this going to win me any friends, but it's something I have to say,because I'm brutaly honest.

I just went thru all 22 pages of ads to see what everyone is promoting, to see if anyone is in my program,and I was shock at some of the programs you people are in. You really need to do some research before joining a company !

 Most programs I had heard of and knew how they work. The same old , Constantly be recruiting because you're constantly going to be having people dropping out programs. Programs where not only do you have to convince people that your pills and juices are better then the other 4000 other juice companies,but also that it's better then what they can buy cheaper at the store . Been there, done that , doesn't work !

So, back on point . The first program I looked at and googled the founder , page after page of what a criminial this guy is ! That he's being hunted by the U.S.. How he's stolen from every company he's worked for, including the Hockey team he paid on ! Then there's the ponzi scheme that is illegal to operate in the U.S., and their founder will be arrested if he ever comes back to the U.S.,AND,he has started over 22 such ponzi schemes in the last 6 years ! I say again , do your homework first.

Now if you want to join a Great company; one where you earn every day whether you sell anything or not , and whether or not you recruit or have anyone under you , let me know . We don't sell lotions, potions, powders,pills,or cremes ! We have the #1 opportunity website,and the 153rd most popular website in terms of traffic. We have grown from 40,000 to almost a million people in 4 months , so we must be doing something right . I've been in 8 months and have 32 people under me and I'm no guru, just honest.

Here's what they are saying about us !

Paul Burks made a stand several years ago on the side of the distributor, stating ALL distributors should have the same opportunity to earn income, and change their lives, even if they were not the best recruiters or sales pros. - Troy Dolly MLM HelpDesk

“ Never seen before growth. Unbelievable growth! They are changing the face of Network Marketing .”
Peter Mingils – owner and trainer
“They are doing everything right, the way other company should be doing it.”
Kevin Grimes - Top MLM Attorney- Compliance Specialist
“It’s unbelievable so many people made so much money in the first year of a program . Unheard of !”
“ They are Revolutionizing the Industry”
“ They really are trying to do everything right.”
“It’s amazing how open they are and try to take care of their people by keeping them informed.”
Troy Dooly - MLM Helpdesk – Indep. Watchdog
“ Currently the highest Customer to Affiliate ratio in the Industry .”
Dr. Keith Laggos – Edit. of Network Marketing Business Journal for 27 yrs.
Network Building Consultant
So let me help you get start !
One Team
One Goal.

Several weeks ago, i was sent a link from a lady from Australia, a founders link, those always intrigue me as being first in anything is a good thing most of the time. I never studied what i registered for however i wound up in an auto responder. that told me to upgrade in the amount of $23.00. So i did! Today, i was sent an email to get on a call at 730pm, There was a blending of multiple phone numbers from around the world, in other words, there were about 8-9 call in numbers all with different numbers. Scott Evens was the speaker. I have never heard of anything so dynamic, so visionary, so civic, absolutely so incredible! Scott has designed a pay plan so unique, it is patented. Let me give you the nuts and bolts on only one income stream. If you build a 3x3x3x3x3, yes that is correct!! You will be paid more than 2000 times for the month!! It is so unique, so revolutionary along with his game changing products, One of the civic things he has developed is a way to purify water in Africa.. I am only giving you some highlights. If you want to retire quickly by being a founder registers NOW at a cost of $23.00. I promise you, you will not regret it! I have included Scott's website is below. Please read his bio, his accomplishments, He also owns his own banking platform, he processes charges for many MLM companies. This is the kind of guy, we want to partner with!! There is one important element i failed to mention, A person that enrolls now can be paid up to 300 times monthly! The founders position will be closed very quickly REGISTER NOW! I promise you will not lose $23.00. REGISTER HERE..........


The best way to get a lot's of sales online is to build traffic traffic to your web page opportunity or business page.. You do not need leads. You need sales. And there is no better way to get sales than to encourage you web page visitors to contact you; right away.

To do this you need to entice them with something they are really looking for or really need.

This is lots of sales from their own programs, plus and enticement; like a $150 bonus. Also a system that gets their ads on all their down-lines pages

Now who would not take that? 

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 Welcome to iRefer123 the Ultimate Global Cash Rewards Program

Dear Friends & Marketers,


An exciting Australian owned Cash Rewards network marketing company has recently launched and is expanding rapidly across Australia and around the world.

I had previously heard a lot about this new ‘Cashback’ company called ‘iRefer123’, so I decided to go along to a presentation last Tuesday night.

Even though they pre-launched only 2 months ago, they already have nearly 500 local loyalty businesses on-board and anticipate having several thousand by the end of this year including several national retailers. It is definitely much more affordable to join and it is extremely well put together with many outstanding advantages and features.

I have taken a position just like most of the people that were there on the night. I would highly recommend that you look at this information and then I would propose that you also do the same and reserve a place in the business, as it makes so much sense to do so.

There are 3 x options for people to become involved, whether it is as a ‘free customer’ to enjoy cashback on all their loyalty purchases, joining as a ‘business member’ to earn an income by helping to develop the corporate expansion, or as a ‘business owner’ who wants their goods and services promoted through the iRefer123 customer base.

iRefer123 is a revolutionary business opportunity that offers Cash Rewards on every purchase


The iRefer123 Cash Rewards program is expanding rapidly around the world as more and more people want the best deals both on and offline.

In addition iRefer123 offers a home based business opportunity that allows you to create phenomenal income right from  the comfort of your own home.

The iRefer123 business is a fast moving binary plan that offers 10 income streams which include:

·        Cashback

·        Loyalty Rewards

·        Flying Start Bonuses

·        Team Commissions

·        Cash Back Partner Bonuses

·        Members Cash Bonus

·        Club Level Bonuses

·        6 Generation Match Bonuses

·        Car Payment Program

·        Mortgage Payment Program

iRefer123’s Compensation Plan model was formulated by Direct Selling Association of Australia Certified supply member Waratah Australia Pty Ltd to ensure compliance and a maximum payout of 85%.

iRefer123 has started a new revolution in the network marketing industry, this revolution is called the irevolution!

Get your position now, the sooner you join the sooner you can experience the Cash Rewards available only with iRefer123.

Click on this link to watch the iRefer123 company overview (approx. 6mins):

This link is for the business presentation (approx. 24 mins):  

For further information or to register as a Business Member or Free Customer, please view the company website


Kind Regards,

                          Robert S




Polish up your copy with the help of a professional sub-editor

Dear business operator, I can help you make the best of your copy for media releases, websites, brochures, letters and any other written information to do with your business.
My services start from a ridiculously cheap $25 "check up" on one to two pages of copy that is already pretty good but could do with some "tweaking" (corrections and minor changes). For three to six pages allow $50.
Starting from scratch with a new press release or letter etc I charge $40 an hour (and you would be surprised at what can be achieved in an hour if you have your information at hand). 
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Lyoness offers a great opportunity for fundraising.

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