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Hennika Many members here already work with singles, I design singles software. If you have articles; it may help explain what you are seeking. It's a big industry with many options.

Hennika Kestila said:

Have you ever thought of becoming an affiliate on the online dating sector? If you´re interested, let me know. At the moment there is not a lot of affiliates out there and there is definitely interest from the industry.

I have embraced this "FRESH" ground floor opportunity to do business via the internet, which is the fastest growing industry in the world today and we are embarking on launching it in a MASSIVE way through out Asia ,as well as with our contacts around the world. We happen to be in the right place ,at the right time and have chosen to "DO" something about it.

I want to reach out so "YOU" can be in the first part of this "TEAM" build, I am a part of a team whose leadership has 24 years experience in the industry who is also the world's top earner with the company which I am sure you'll agree has massive benefits for building a huge successful team.....we would like to offer you to take a privileged position and be one of our first. Other LEADERS we will be sponsoring can be in YOUR team, so act swiftly and get positioned

The problem with all MLM business that I have seen is the products are too expensive and often they have an expensive joining fee.
Of course they tell you once you start building your downline you wont need to worry about it because you will be making money.
However is is usually rather difficult to convince people in the first place to hand over money for expensive products.

After failing 4 times in MLM and giving up for good J I have come back because I have found this new company that deals with these problems.

They make a range of high quality health suppliments at extreamly competative prices.
We have been taking some and are finding a health benifet from them.  
$33 to join and they give you a product of your choice ($39 retail value).
$22 for a product (all the same price) for members and as low as $13 ea when buying in bulk!
Company 3 yrs old = Established but not too big from the USA.
Only just starting to take off here in Australia (about 20 people)!
3 x 10 matrix means once you get 3 people then the rest go below the existing ones.
There are many written and audio testimonies form people who have benifetted from the products.

I have never had success in the past and struggled to get anyone to join the companies I was in, but with this company I have already got 14 members in my team and it is only just starting.

We don’t even focus so much on the business but talk to people about the products.  Once they are interested they join, because they will get the discount price, and then we talk about the business .
They get a replicated website for their products and for those in our team, a lead capture page to help them get prospects.
Pleease contact me if you want anymore info!

or go to our site

Express Mobile Bookkeeping - Western Suburbs

Time is $$$ Money !!! Set your times free from headache paperworks. Leave it with us and we will do the rest for you 

Express Mobile Bookkeeping offers full ranges of service in the Western suburbs area- from Small to Medium business size. 

Our service cover: paying off your supplier bills, debts collection on your behalf, run account reconciliation, pay your staff on time,PAYG withholding and summary, BAS preparation and lodgement,superannuation, other tax compliance with ATO. 

Price from just $29.95 !!! 

Current special promotion for the first 10 customers at 10% discount and 1/2 hour free consultation. 

We offer onsite or offsite service 

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Online: Empower Network, RCC, Mary Kay, Avon, Visalus, Scentsy, Neucopia, Pure Leverage, Xplocial.....

EVERYTHING is going to SOCIAL MEDIA Marketing/ Communications....

Victory 100 IS your Social Media Marketing Platform!!

1) A true Social Media Training System that offers value
2) 100% Commission with No Hold Back Period **Paid WEEKLY**
3) A Corporate Leadership that understands how to build an Empire and offer
products that work with strong Christian back ground.
4) Field Leaders that work with their team daily, to us you're more than just a body.

You're family and we really want YOU to come out on top.

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5 Things  to look For in an MLM Company and Why I chose Sisel 

1. Track record and history and Leadership
    Track record of  Owners former company was one of the 12 at the time with 1 Billion dollars worth of business in a year  ranking #5 in  History was growing till had to be sold due to a Divorce  Leadership 60 total tears Exp between the owner and his son 
2. The products and do they work ..190 + Products Safe and non toxic ..My story I've lost 59 lbs lost fat gained muscle ...I have a type of Arthritis that my former company's health care provider paid $7, 600 every 2 months for me to get an infusion ..that was more then they paid me when I was let go could not afford that from a product that helped some until a connected with this company now I take 3/4 of an oz a day of a natural product that's better and non toxic for $48 a month and can do things I could never do before ..You don't have take more then one Bottle of a product for it to be Affective ...even our packaging is BPA free  and our plant id Certified GMP ,NSF and Organic..With a Staff of 18 full time Sciencetist who Research the Research in Health and Wellness and nontoxic products  and make it Better ...Trust The Science ...Trust Sisel 
3. Pay Out and ROI...If you going to do The Work You Want To Get Paid ...Our Pay Plan Pays Out More ask to see our Comp Plan and  It's Not a Binary !

4.Who controls the Marketing ...We do at our 440,000 sq ft Certified GMP, NSF and Organic   plant that is debt free , when he sold his former company for 770 million and did not sign a non compete clause that help back 300 million or he would have got a 1.7 billion turned right around and spent  150 k on the Plant where we manufacture our products  190
5. Financial Stability ..We are debt and overhead free plant and land paid for and we manufacture for 100 other companies Costco, Sams Club , GNC , Walgreens and 40+ MLM Nutritional Companies some of the Biggest using their formals ours are Propriety to Us
And in a few weeks we will have the BEST Tasting Healthy and Weight Loss Coffee
And this is why we will be a success in the Coffee business taste wise we beat out the highest rated coffee in the US  it was Starbucks Tasters cup rated the top coffee in the US Starbucks rated 82 ,,,Flogers 75...the MLM Coffees 61-62 ours  88 , We  do everything in house roast grind package we put a coffee plant in our plant and we use the same  Panamanian coffee starbucks uses theirs is grade 3 we use grade 1 
So If you want to Take Back Your Life and Get Healthy and Wealthy...Now's Your Time 
If you'd like to see all our products  want to know more let know if    We have a call wake up Mon -Sat every morning at 11am EST US  209 647-1600  PIN# 939469...We also have a World Call on Tuesday and Thursday get back to me for Countries  Call # and PIN # so it's a Local Call
Dream Big
803 639-8978
skype john471 

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