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I would like to share tips with the community to help grow your home-based business,lets share together and grow together,I will be posting a new tip every monday, feel free to do the same----->God speed

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Hi ,for my first tip i'm going to touch something very important i call Mindset

Many people approach prospects with the wrong mindset. They're thinking: "gee, I hope this guy will be interested in what I have to say", or "I hope I can get this gal into my business".

Not good.

You see, your prospect will instantly sense your desperation. And it gets worse: many networkers actually verbalize these thought and say things to prospects like: "Joe, will you do me a favor and look at my opportunity"?


Think about it. Why should THEY do YOU a favor? Such an approach virtually insures you'll fail.

Here's a better way: Instead of thinking "gee, I hope I can get this guy"... try adopting a mindset like: "is this someone who deserves my time?"

Instead of: "I hope I can get this gal for my business", you want to be thinking something like this: "if this gal qualifies, she's going to be very glad she met me."

When speaking with prospects, NEVER ask someone: "will you do me a favor?"

Why the heck should they?

Instead, your mindset should be: "Dave, you're a sharp guy and someone I feel I could work with. I'm going to DO YOU A FAVOR and give you access to some information. Take some time this afternoon and review it carefully, and let's talk again this evening".

Your mindset should always be: you've got the cookie (that is to say, you've got what they need - i.e. your product, your service, your opportunity that can change their lifestyle), and your prospect needs you more than you need them.

You see, no matter how many (or few) people you have in your enterprise you must NEVER come across desperate. If you do, your prospects will sense it and run!

So, how do you avoid coming across desperate?


Stuff LOTS of prospects in your pipeline. How many? More than you can possible call or visit on any given day or week.

Keeping your pipeline full insures that no one prospect becomes so important that you project NEED or desperation.

There are many places to find/develop high quality prospects for your venture both on and off the net, and I'll be revealing them in upcoming weeks

When it comes to mindset, remember this: you have the cookie!

Hope you can benefit of this----Cheers Pierre

Cheers everyone

Todays tip is simple and easy...Building relationship first

Many Network Marketers don't understand how important it is to get to know someone before pitching their business,I also find it rude when i make a new connection and then I receive a business proposition without a "hello"   just a (join my downline now and make money) 

That is not how we build a solid Network Marketing business

All business are good so it is vital to build a relashionship before sending offers

Hope this help---Cheers Pierre

Thanks Bernard

Happy you like it ,

You are welcom to share anytime you want



Bernard O'Keefe said:

Hi Pierre,
Great advice that you have shared so far - "I have the cookie", and "connect before pitching" your business.

Cheers, Bernard


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