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One of the most important things people should know when starting network marketing business is choosing the right opportunity. Why?

1. You want to work with quality product which is highly wanted on the market and easy to sell. The product is very important not only when you think about personal sales (attracting buyers), but when you are building a downline as well, because attractive and easy-to-sell product will attract people to become your members too! No one wants to work with a bad product (physical product or software)!

2. If you choose a lousy NM opportunity just by seeing some add, and visiting the website (which can be very shiny and promise miracles), you will most likely spend a lot of precious time and money, and more important - INVOLVE OTHER PEOPLE WHO WILL GET DISAPPOINTED, LOSE THEIR TRUST IN YOU AND NEVER WANT TO WORK WITH YOU AGAIN!

3. When you start network marketing business, you are publicly exposed to a huge audience as a member of that opportunity. Are you willing to brand your self with just any opportunity? How do you think others take you if you recommend one opportunity today, the next one tomorrow and the next one the other day?

4. Do you want to make profit? If the answer is yes, then how can you join just any opportunity out there , only because they said you'll become very rich with them? Well everyone is saying that, but you are smarter than that. Spend some time to review that opportunity, talk with the person who invited you (their affiliate whose link you've clicked) and see if that person is a good sponsor for you. Will he/she be willing to help you build your business?

One of the most popular network marketing/affiliate business opportunities today is Pet Protector. Why?


  • Scientifically proven, necessary for hundreds of millions of pet owners around the world, with a great record of 20 million sold items.
  • Costs 6 times less then what pet owners usually spend using other products
  • The only non-toxic patent of it's kind with 2 year effectiveness.

Have in mind that we - pet owners take our pets as family members. We are willing to spend more for our pets then for ourselves (especially when it comes to pet's health!)


  • Pet Protector is THE ONLY NM COMPANY IN THE WORLD TARGETING $100 BILLION PET MARKET.  Imagine what is the potential of your profit if you work with the product/company who does not have ANY COMPETITION?


  • 5 types of profit, 3 joining levels, 15 days free trial (while you can start working: build your downline, and make sales!), unlimited binary downline and a very simple income generation strategy: enroll only 2 people and help them do the same. This strategy only can bring you residual monthly income of $20,000.00 within 3 months!


  • No, it's not like in old MLM companies. You won't have to think about shipping the product to your customers. Just recommend the product and/or the business opportunity to any person at any address in the world using your affiliate link and the company will deliver it in max 5 working days!


Well, no wonder this is one of the most popular business opportunities, praised by its' members. Do you know what is the most common statement of new members of the Pet Protector? "I feel I have finally found a home..."

I was personally able to make more profit with the Pet Protector in 4 months then I did will previous companies for 6 years. I don't think I need to explain more..

By Milena Milivojevic, Pet Protector Senior Manager, official coordinator and general leader,


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