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The common condition that can have a big impact on your life

Your grandkids proudly showing off their latest works of art, your friends’ smiles, a new bloom in your garden, the view from your favourite beach lookout – your eyes play such an important part in letting you enjoy the loveliest things in life.

And the older you get, the more you tend to appreciate being able to take in all those treasured little things; in fact, one in four Baby Boomers say they fear losing their sight more than any other health condition.
Yet more than half of older Australians aren’t well informed about cataracts, the common eye condition that can rob you of your ability to appreciate life’s small details, as well as of big, important life skills such as driving and living independently.

Perhaps more worryingly, older Aussies were the most likely of any age group to think that cataracts would eventually go away on their own if not treated.

Being aged 60 and above is the biggest risk factor when it comes to developing cataracts, and the symptoms aren’t always easy to identify – cataracts are rarely visible to the naked eye and don’t cause pain, redness or tears – which makes vital that 60-pluses have a good understanding of cataracts, their symptoms and the effective treatments available to ensure they don’t lose sight of the things they value most.

What are cataracts?

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