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Functional description of GlobalPublicash

FACT: The program continues to grow despite all odds, nearly 90,000 people and more than $ 2.5 billion redistributed among members.

The system is working and generating quick income when working and encourages the best work.

RECURRING MONTHLY INCOME. Change the current model MATRIX SILVER one payment for life, current model at a monthly payment of $ 10, generating a recurring monthly income SILVER MATRIX.

This means that every month we pay $ 10 dollars to the person indicated by the system and receive 2 payments of $ 10, make a payment of $ 15 and receive 4 payments of $ 15, we paid $ 25 and received 8 payments of $ 25; make a single payment of $ 50 and receive 16 payments of $ 50, that for every account you have.

In summary: monthly paid $ 100 and receive $ 980 dollars for each account you have. This brings motivation for everyone and generate a dynamic and activity, because we would have money permanently in our pockets, which is really what we are looking for.

It maintains the basic philosophy of the program: A single payment of $ 10 dollars in our pockets and we receive 100% of the product of our work. Continuous self-sustaining program and unlimited income.

Another important effect is the growth of the entire team, to generate the necessary income to move to the Gold Matrix and move on to the other two matrices.

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