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Desiree Cullen There may be something in this ????
Julie Bishop apparently set to tour the
Middle East shortly ?????
Operation Take Back Australia

I've just had a conversation on messenger with a Soldier ... when I asked him if I could share this Information, he agreed.
If I post it on the pages FB will Block it.
So I'm copying & Pasting it to comments that have registered. This Gentleman is Legit

I if you guys only knew what is planned for Australia it would shatter you

i have worked for the government and have seen what's coming

only the removal of both liberal and labor parties can change things

yep, the freedom we have now is diminishing and the facebook pages are heavily monitored

within 10 years you won't recognize this country anymore, that is a sad fact.

did you know that the government has already held talks with the Islamic council about the best way to introduce Sharia law into Australia

this has occurred on a number of occasions

suburbs have been put aside for Islam only run communities and Sharia law courts are planned for every state

it will be run independent of the Australian law system and Islam men who assault non Muslim people won't have to face Australian law as they will be exempt under the Sharia Law act that will be introduced.

and the numbers of Islam immigrants coming here is much higher than is reported

go for it. The government will deny all of this but it is true. They are receiving money from the UN to flood Australia with Islam, did you also know that the UN is managed by the OIC, Organization of Islamic Co Operation.

i served a s a soldier back in the Howard days and was a part of an operation to stop the boat people coming in. If you knew what i know you would be heartbroken at what the governments long term plans are for this country

i have also served overseas and know exactly what is being supplanted here

Liberal and Labor are one and the same, they oppose each other in public but have the same agenda. It's all an act. If either are elected at the next election it will be game over

just remember that the government like the people to use facebook and the like as it is easy to monitor and filter. They would rather see people talking about this stuff here than taking it to the streets. It's controllable this way

{if people started to physically rally in the streets it would change everything, they fear that prospect}

you must understand that the government on both sides is Pro Islam, they are attaining a lot of personal wealth from them. this is a real thing

they will not allow any legal marches at all

once either side has been re elected within a year, new laws and policies will be put into place, we will be forced to assimilate.

there will be no plebiscites, no surveys, it will be just implemented.

I've seen the proposal, it's coming

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This was shown at the UN.

I wonder if Australian politicians are being exposed to this data ?


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