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The Truth about Pensions... and the Lies of our Leaders

Nick Minchin on the Tony Jones ABC TV Program Q & A 11/09/2008 stated quite clearly that funds were not, have not and are not collected and held in a bank account waiting for the government to pay it out in the form of the Old Age Pension , or words that meant, “ exactly that .”

As an ex Australian Federal Government finance Minister, now shadow defence minister, this man knows that his statement on that television program, was a blatant lie (and he said it with a look of such sincerity on his face). Well, it certainly was collected and it amassed such huge amounts that this government and those preceding couldn’t help themselves. 

Without any right, they plundered it and spent billions of it over the years.

This was money earned by the people themselves through hard
work and often deprivation (as a legislated obligation, part thereof was collected by the Tax Department for this very purpose).  

To this day this money is collected as a tax which originally, specifically, and intentionally was to fund, “ the Aged Pension.”

To dispel misinformation from Party Politicians  and their spin doctors, here are some historical facts that every Australian (especially the young who are under the miss-guided belief and/or assumption that they are funding the Aged Pension from their current hard
work) should know. Read More

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You don't have t do anything:  Just Know The real situation.
Australian politicians are weak and uninformed. We all are being controlled by the New World Order bankers. 
Australian Pensioners All;  Support One Nation


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